monkey | The Middle East

In Lebanon, there is a popular ironic proverb that is “like a monkey”. It is said about the person who was rumored to be in poor health, then he is seen jogging in the street, or as he pounces on a stuffed lamb, or a tray of kofta and potatoes, and then it is said, “You don’t have anything healthy like a monkey.” There is no truth to what he complained and claimed.
Our monkey today is the dollar, which was said to have broken against the ruble and the Chinese currency, and it was said after the oil, gas, wheat and other daily diaries that it is over. Vladimir Putin smiled while insisting on considering the ruble the currency of buying and selling, and it became clear to the whole world that Putin’s war is not only in Kyiv and the countries of all Ukraine, but is a war of breaking heads, the first of which is breaking the head of the dollar. And dollar holders around the world began looking for an alternative currency to resort to, in addition to gold and the rest of the “precious metals”. Many fled to the stable, decades-old Swiss franc.
For weeks the ruble was walking the world with chest and shoulders flat, because of its strength. Europe will die from the cold. The movement of the stock market is no longer the concern of major banks and institutions, but has become the concern of ordinary people all over the world. Inflation hit human life, and the crisis was exacerbated by the fact that the European winter came very early.
However, Putin was very early in drawing the victory sign on the broken circuit. Suddenly, the dollar is rising and the major currencies are falling like autumn leaves. And the dollar started walking among the people together, “like a monkey.” The earthquake started with the Euro, then the Pound Sterling, and the money holders really shuddered when they saw the Swiss Franc lose its historical immunity like everyone else.
Meanwhile, the dollar was jumping like a monkey from tree to tree, peeling coconuts and throwing them at everyone and making his funny moves.
There are many “monkeys” in the Ukraine war that surprised the Russian leader; He expected them from the east, and they surprised from the west. The biggest “monkey” is, of course, the Ukrainian president, who the world expected would not last more than five days in the face of the Russian terror. At the beginning of the war, it was rumored that he had disappeared or was injured, and then soon appeared “like a monkey”, while Putin announced general mobilization and summoned the recruits. Fugitive recruits fill all the borders of Russia, including Mongolia, to which travel is not recommended on normal days. Dollars, recruits and desertion, bad news for the Kremlin. The monkey is insulting.

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