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The revelation made by EL TIEMPO this weekend, that the United States is evaluating the interest that the Petro government has in acquiring part of the Venezuelan company Monomeros, It unleashed a series of reactions ranging from former President Iván Duque’s warnings to close that business, to the accounts being made by Armando Benedetti, Colombian ambassador in Caracas.

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The Office of Control of Foreign Assets (Ofac) will define on June 30 whether to extend the operating permit to the fertilizer giant, located in Barranquilla, which is part of the Venezuelan assets abroad sanctioned for its ties to the Nicolás Maduro regime.

The Monomeros Colombo Venezolano plant in Barranquilla.


Courtesy Monomers

Former President Iván Duque.


Cesar Melgarejo. TIME

In this regard, this Friday, March 24, former President Duque referred to the possible purchase of shares of Monomeros by Colombia, within the framework of an event organized by the Wilson Center Institute, in the United States.

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I want to mention (…) in which Ecopetrol de Colombia, the national oil company, will acquire Monómeros. Ecopetrol is a publicly traded company in the United States. A transaction to buy Monomeros and make those resources available to the dictatorship will only harm the value of Ecopetrol”, said the former president.

Duque pointed out that Venezuela must continue to maintain international support in order to guarantee security in the region.

Ecopetrol’s response

The state company Ecopetrol indicated that it has not advanced conversations for the purchase of the shares of Monomeros.


document capture

three days before, In a Business Roundtable in Barranquilla, Benedetti assured that Monómeros would be another of Ecopetrol’s subsidiaries.

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He said, the operation would be carried out for US $300 million, and although he did not provide further details of what the transaction would be, He pointed out that the process would speed up with the arrival of the new president of the oil company, who will replace Felipe Bayón, who will leave office on March 31.

Sin embargo, tFollowing the warning of former President Duque, Ecopetrol, in relevant information addressed to the Financial Superintendence, denied Benedetti.

“Ecopetrol SA informs that, in relation to pronouncements made through some media about a possible acquisition by Ecopetrol of the company Monomeros Colombo Venezolanos SA, This Issuer, whose actions are part of the 2040 Strategy and the business plan announced to the market, has not advanced conversations regarding possible transactions involving this,” he points out.

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So far, the President Petro has not been silent.

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