Monoprix (Casino Group) enters the capital of the app epicery

Monoprix (Casino Group) enters the capital of the app

The downtown retailer Monoprix (Casino Group) announced Thursday that it has entered the capital of the epicery application, which allows to order online at merchants in its neighborhood and to be delivered within one hour.

Monoprix took a minority stake in epicery capital for a second round of fundraising, to which the historic shareholders of the start-up also participated, according to a statement from the two companies.

The two companies have teamed up at the same time.

Concretely, epicery customers can complete their fresh produce races of artisans and neighborhood traders with a selection of Monoprix groceries and organic products from its subsidiary Naturalia. Conversely, customers who have ordered a basket on will be invited to complete their races with fresh products from local artisans, partners of epicery.

Thanks to this agreement, “the start-up will be able to widen its offer with the products of the stores Monoprix and Naturalia and accelerate its national development by relying on the offer and the logistics of these signs”, explain the two partners in a press release spouse.

“This partnership is part of the current trend that brings food e-commerce players closer to traditional distribution networks,” said Edouard Morhange, president of epicery, quoted in the statement.

“In addition, by opening new small sales channels to small businesses, Monoprix is ​​not only developing a new service for busy city dwellers, but also reaffirms its mission of creating a link between residents and shopkeepers in the heart of our cities”. his side Régis Schultz, president of Monoprix.

The partnership with Monoprix will enable epicery to roll out its 2018 offering nationwide, based on stores in more than 250 cities in France.

A subsidiary of Casino, Monoprix has more than 650 stores and provides 2.3 million home deliveries a year.

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