Montauban: road safety awareness campaign for young people at the judicial court

the essential
On Monday, November 21, students from the Bourdelle high school attended an intervention by the Prévention Maif association in the Olympe-de-Gouges room, alongside the prosecutor and the president of the court. Objective: raise awareness of the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

“For me, repression and prevention do not go without each other. You have to do both”, said the prosecutor of the Montauban prosecution, Bruno Sauvage, on the sidelines of the operation Court not trivial, Monday, November 21 in court. Organized by the Prévention Maif association for the second time, the aim was to raise young people’s awareness of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics and its consequences.

From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., about thirty students from two final classes of the Bourdelle high school, accompanied by their CPE, a teacher and two educational assistants, attended several speeches on this theme in the Olympes courtroom. -de-Gouges.”We renewed the operation because the high school was a requester, and it had worked well last year with the BTS”, justified José Lorenzati, co-responsible with Michel Chenu for the operation at the association. For the CPE present at the intervention, Camille Terrier, “it is important to try everything to make them aware of the danger”. “Our department has a significant number of deaths on the roads. We observe it at the high school level, with at least one death per year”, she confides.

Video, testimony and speech of the prosecutor

The choice of location is also symbolic according to the association. “Psychologically, it’s a different frame of mind than the classroom. Here, we are in the temple where justice is done. It’s more concrete,” explains José Lorenzati. In detail, awareness-raising began with a speech by the president of the court, Sylvaine Reis, followed by the screening of two films, one of which focused on the reconstruction of an accident that resulted in the death of two people, and the second on the trial of the young person responsible for the accident. A volunteer from the association, whose son died in a road accident, also testified.

“If I’m here today, it’s to prevent you from ending up here later. And it’s not easy to be in front of you, but telling you all this is necessary. Don’t think about it. shelter, because no one is invincible”, she punctuated at the end of her testimony. Finally, the prosecutor closed the session by recalling the dangers and penalties incurred in these cases of driving, through a few examples. At the end, the students then asked a few questions, in particular concerning certain procedures during a trial, before returning to the school.