The Congress of Deputies has approved the new path of deficit that the Government wanted with a surprise. The Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero, has included the ceiling of state spending not only this year, as announced, but also next, 2021. The deputies have found that in the text to vote mentioned the announced ceiling 2020 expenditure of 127,609 million, 3.8% more, as Montero announced. But it also shows that “the maximum limit of non-financial expenditure of the State in 2021 is set at 131,437 million euros.”

Montero has not informed at any time so far that theMinister councilhas agreed that second ceiling of expenditure, which represents an increase of 3% over that of 2020. Having cast it, the minister avoids passing a new specific parliamentary process with it before preparing the Budgets for 2021.

The Popular Party spokeswoman and former Secretary of State for Budgets,Elvira Rodrguez, has shown in his intervention this surprise inclusion and has accused Montero of violating theStability Law, since it does not accompany that second roof with the required reports ofBrussels. Official Sources ofTreasuryNote that in approving the deficit path for the next three years, a second expenditure ceiling for 2021 was also required.

For Montero, the important thing is the parliamentary support received in which independence has become key again.

Mara Jess Montero responds to the applause of the PSOE after his intervention.NGEL NAVARRETE

ERC support

“ERC fulfills its agreements”. With these words, the independence spokesman, Gabriel Rufin, anticipated minutes before the Plenary Session began the decision of his formation to support with his 13 votes the path of budgetary stability, including the expenditure ceiling, and thus open the door to the future approval of the draft General State Budget for 2020 and the continuity of the legislature.

The Executive’s proposal, the first essential step for the processing of a draft Budget, came forward with 168 votes in favor, 150 against and 19 abstentions.

The vote of the Catalan Republicans is decisive for the Government. If their subsequent support for the State accounts is confirmed, provide Pedro Snchez with the oxygen necessary to extend his term of office for at least two years. The ERC decision is undoubtedly a way of responding to the bilateral negotiating table formed by the Government of the nation, the representatives of theGeneralitatand the secessionist forces with the objective of seeking, outside the Congress, solutions to the “political conflict” betweenCataluaYSpain.

In plenary, the ERC budget spokesman focused on the benefits of the dialogue table inaugurated inLa Moncloaas a prelude to the statement that “he does not like the expense ceiling or the path of deficit”, but they will approve it to “give a chance” to the said negotiating table. ERC directly links the progress of the extra-parliamentary dialogue on Catalonia with the life expectancy of future Budgets and, with them, that of the Coalition Government itself. Exactly the opposite of JxCat, whose spokesperson,Ferran BelHe has insisted that his vote, today, must be completely disconnected from the bilateral negotiating table and, in addition, does not prejudge the position they adopt on the State Budget. This training has not supported the Executive’s proposal.

The Minister of Finance asked for support for her proposal by preventively criticizing the “blocking” attitude of those who oppose it. The Government initiative contemplates a 1.8% deficit objective of theGDPfor all Public Administrations; 94.6% of debt and a non-financial expenditure limit of 127,609 million euros, 3.8% higher than the current one. These parameters clearly exceed the stability path envisaged by the previous Executive. The budget balance will not be reached as before 2023.

Mara Jess Montero charged from the first stages of his intervention against the Popular Party knowing that his vote will be contrary to the Executive’s proposal. On the contrary, he dedicated promises of easing the spending rule to minority parties to allow more room for local entities in the destination of the surplus. And for JxCat, the independence force most reluctant to agree with the Government, there was a direct message: “With this path will allow the advance of a newly initiated dialogue to solve the problems of Catalua.”

“This country is played a lot; if this path is rejected today, those who suffer from it will be the most vulnerable. If they say no, they will say no to the increase in pensions, the revaluation of benefits for dependent children or for people affected by sexist violence. If you give your support, do not think that you are giving your support to the Government, “said Montero, who assured that with his formula the CCAA will hardly have to make an effort to reduce the deficit of a tenth.

Elvira Rodrguez, on behalf of the PP, affected the worsening of the deficit objective contemplated by the Government and indicated that this proposal should be accompanied by the approval of the European institutions. “You are asking us for an act of faith, but we are already a little burned,” said Rodrguez, for whom 2019 will close with a deficit of 2.4% of GDP.

“Its policy is spending, spending and more spending,” he reproached, before recalling that the Executive does not even have a schedule for the approval of the State accounts because “it depends on the concessions made to the PNV in matters ofSocial Securityor of the shameful table inaugurated with the independentistas “.

Marcos de Quinto, de Ciudadanos, during his speech
Marcos de Quinto, de Ciudadanos, during his speech.EFE

“You can’t spend what you don’t have”

“With this agreement violate the Stability Law is this legal security? Remember the phrase?” Rodrguez asked referring to the euphemism that the Government uses to avoid referring openly to theConstitution. The spokeswomanpopularClose its intervention by demanding that the Government not repeal the labor reform because the creation of employment already offers signals “renquentes” that may be aggravated by the effect of the “black swan” – the coronavirus – that “walks the world”.

Vox threads a hard speech to make it clear that the path of budgetary stability and the ceiling of expenditure will be the result of the Government’s pacts with independence. “From theNo means noSnchez’s GDP has been cut in half (…), his government carries wastefulness on his flag and his accounts are not credible to the European Commission “, he accused the formation of a radical right, which insisted, like the PP, on that “you can’t spend what you don’t have”.

Vox also warned that the fiscal landscape designed by the Government “begins to resemble hell” with the aggravating fact that the proceeds will be “dedicated to beach bars.” For this group, the path proposed by the Executive is “irresponsible.”

“Vote of confidence in the Government”

United We can be pleased that now a phase of “expansive” economic policy is initiated and challenged the right-wing forces to clarify, since they are against it, what items they will cut. And once again the pensions were cited. Your spokesperson,Txema Pebble, defended the tax reforms prepared by the Government and the creation of new taxes on digital companies. “You have to raise the tax pressure, yes,” he said.

The spokesman for United We can help the Coalition Executive, of which he is a member, asking minority forces on the left to vote in favor and “renew their vote of confidence in the Government.”

Citizens harshly criticized the Government’s intention to uncontrollably increase spending to pay their “bills” with United We and independence, which are “more mouths to feed.” Marcos de Quinto warned of the pernicious effects of a tax increase that would end up affecting growth and job creation. Cs asked for “rationality” and “reevaluate all spending items” criticizing the tendency to create ministries, senior positions, “beach bars” and subsidies. De Quinto offered Montero to develop together a path of stability, a ceiling of expenditure and some Budgets if he agreed to break his agreement and his mortgages with populists and secessionists.

The PNV put salgas to the path planned to balance the accounts but secure your affirmative vote to it. Of course, the Basque nationalists warned that the digital taxes that the Government intends to approve will only be accepted by the Basque community, which has powers in fiscal matters, if they are negotiated bilaterally with them. This formation also warned that its affirmative vote today does not presuppose the sense of its position when the State Budget arrives at the Chamber.

Bildu, through its spokespersonOskar Matute, he devoted much of his intervention to criticize the fiscal discipline of theEuropean UnionIn spite of this, he admitted that the Government’s plan is better than that of its predecessor although they opted for abstention. Matute asked for “flexibility” because, he said, “we are not all the same.” “Coffee is not worth it to everyone,” he recalled. His main complaint was directed against the spending rule that grips municipalities that have the capacity to invest in favor of their neighbors.

The CUP, for its part, announced its vote against the government proposal because it accommodates the “neoliberal” EU policy. His spokesman asked for a debt audit. Coalicin Canaria, on the other hand, bet on the s because it believes it is necessary to start negotiating to try to approve a new Budget for the benefit of the country. Nueva Canarias also secured your support.

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