Montesilvano, murder-suicide of a 50-year-old couple: leaves a child

A fight that lasted about ten minutes, “inhuman” screams, a silhouette behind the window and something going down. And finally the silence. These are the moments that preceded the murder-suicide that took place in the morning in Montesilvano, in via Tagliamento. To describe them are the neighbors of the Romanian couple who have lived in Italy for about ten years now, who tried to call wife and husband, but receiving no answers, they raised the alarm.

Outside the house, which is located in a small street a few hundred meters long where everyone knows each other, wife and husband are described by the neighbors as “good people, serious, always available and popular with everyone”. He, say those who knew them, worked as a bricklayer and she made do with small jobs in the houses.

“The first thought went to the son, because we didn’t know if he was at home or not. We were afraid they had committed some extreme gesture. We looked for him, but luckily we didn’t find him at home. Then we learned that he was at school”. This is how rescuers and carabinieri describe the first moments inside the house in Montesilvano. Now the 10-year-old child has been placed in social services.

The bodies were found in the kitchen, one on top of the other. There were two knives on the ground. The coroner, the prosecutor, the carabinieri of the operational department of the provincial command and those of the Montesilvano company intervened on the spot.

The woman was allegedly hit several times with a knife, on the upper body and neck. According to the first information, on the man’s body, at least one stab wound to the chest was found. At present, the prevailing hypothesis is that it was the husband who acted first, fatally wounding his wife, and then taking his own life.

The bodies are in the Pescara morgue at the disposal of the judicial authorities. The autopsy, which will be performed no earlier than Monday, will further clarify what happened.

Condolence was expressed by the mayor, Ottavio De Martinis, who spoke of a “tragedy that deeply affected our city. I never wanted to learn of such a fact, a terrible bloody affair that shocked the entire community of Montesilvano. A drama – concludes the mayor – which broke up a family, inevitably marking the life of the couple’s son “.