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Montgomery Biscuits and AFRA are partners to partner with Bubbles Love Day – Tallassee Tribune

From: Carmen Rodgers

Bubbles of Loves, a nationwide campaign designed to prevent parental alienation and raise the same topic, is scheduled for April 25.

This campaign started 9 years ago and today, every April, countries around the world take part in Bubbles of Love.

Since the beginning of the organization, the governor and more than 60 mayors, including the mayor of Tallassee, have proclaimed the Week of April 25 as the Week of Parental Alienation and April 25 as the Day of Parental Alienation "Bubbles For Love".

This year, the Montgomery Biscuits and Alabama Family Rights Association is looking for a partner for Bubbles for Love Day at the Montgomery Biscuits Riverwalk Stadium on April 25, 2019.

The event will be held at the Montgomery Biscuits Riverwalk Stadium at 200 Coosa Street, Montgomery, AL 36104. There are several events on the subject of parental alienation.

Parental alienation is the process and result of psychological manipulation of a child to show unjustified fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent or other family members.

"We want to clarify this issue," said Johnny Hammock, Mayor Tallassee.

Other neighboring cities participated in Bubbles of Love last year, including Eclectic, Alex City and Auburn. The city of Tallassee officially declared Bubbles of Day on April 25 and calls for everyone to prevent parental alienation.

Psychiatrist Richard Gardner developed the concept of "parental alienation syndrome". Parental alienation involves "programming" a child by one parent to denigrate the other "targeted" parent in order to undermine and affect the child's relationship with that parent is often a sign of a parent's inability to move away from the parent Separate the couple conflict and focus on the needs of the child. Such denigration leads to an emotional rejection of the child towards the targeted parent and the loss of a capable and loving parent from the child's life.

This is an unfair parental alienation that Mayor Hammock and the City Councilors of Tallassee want to avoid.

"If we can stop just one case of this abuse, that's a win," Hammock said. "I hope we can make a big difference if we prevent parental alienation.


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