Month of the fight against breast cancer: With five new cases diagnosed a day, how can it be prevented or detected early?

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October 19 marks the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer.

The Honorary Commission to Fight Cancer defines breast cancer as ¨a group of cancer cells that originate in the breast. It can grow by invading nearby tissues or spread, metastasizing to distant areas ”.

In Uruguay, 1 in 10 women could contract breast cancer at some point in her life, being the leading cause of death from cancer in women.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Public Health, each year more than 700 women die from this disease. On average, two women die from breast cancer every day.

In a month that seeks to educate, empathize, sensitize but above all raise awareness, we were in contact with Natalia Camejo, associate professor of clinical oncology.

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