Montluçon (Allier): Gabriel Rouet among the thirty talents under 30 in the music industry

Gabriel Rouet did not really hesitate when it came time to apply. The “I choose everything” category, among the five proposed for the La Nouvelle Onde awards, stood out for itself. A category “for personalities who refuse to choose a single activity and lead all head-on and drum beating”.

Perfect for someone who, at only 26, already has several caps. “It’s true that I do a bit of everything,” notes Gabriel Rouet with a laugh.

La Nouvelle Onde is a system launched to highlight and network the rising generation of music professionals in France. For the third year, prizes were awarded in five different categories: “I choose everything” (for which Gabriel Rouet applied), “I innovate”, “I explore”, “I manage”, “ “. In these categories, ten winners were awarded. Thirty complementary talents (including Gabriel Rouet in the end) were also distinguished.

At the conservatory and at 109

Young man’s number one cap: coordinator of the current music department at the Conservatoire de Montluçon. “I teach electronic music, and more widely amplified music. “That is to say twelve hours of lessons per week with pupils” from 10 to 60 years old, and an average age of 17 years “.

Electronic music now has its place at the Conservatoire de Montluçon

“I have always enjoyed transmitting. From the start, I thought of teaching. I remember when I myself was a conservatory student, we would go into the dark and improvise with whatever we could find. It was truly amazing. “

This is what I am now trying to apply in my pedagogy: trying to create a strong artistic experience to give motivation and the desire to the students to create.

An essential role that he ensures in addition to that of artistic accompaniment manager at 109, contemporary music scene in Montluçon.

He explains: “At 109, I accompany amateur musicians, pre-professionals and semi-professionals”. To help them “go as far as possible in their music”, advise them on the use of software and tools, to guide them during recording sessions, or even to welcome and book groups wishing to become professionals.

A journey between personal projects and university

These two caps, recent since he arrived in Montluçon in September 2019, seem perfectly cut for Gabriel Rouet. And finally fall within the logical continuation of his career, after having chained the musical projects, in particular within the Lyon label Discolored Field and within different groups.

But these two positions come above all to crown years of investment and work, first at the Conservatory of Chalon-sur-Saône (he graduated in amplified music), at that of Dijon (he followed jazz guitar lessons). , then at the Fac de Dijon (he graduated in musicology and carried out sociological research work on popular electronic music) and finally at Cefedem, the center for professional resources and higher artistic education in music, in Lyon.

In Montluçon (Allier), despite its closure to the public, 109 hosts five artist residencies in January

A true music lover

With this course and all these experiences, you don’t need to be particularly insightful to understand that Gabriel Rouet is passionate. “Music has always been part of my life. My father listened to punk, reggae… I often tell this story, but I remember a toy in the shape of an ice cream parlor when I was a child. “

“I kept pressing buttons, which was full of beeps, very synthetic sounds. My mother couldn’t take it anymore. But maybe that’s why I quickly turned to electronic music. “

Gabriel Rouet

He continues: “At the very beginning, I had a hard time coming to terms with being an apprentice musician. It’s something very French: the music is really sacred. And finally, what unlocked everything was playing Guitar Hero. The game was a gateway for me and that’s when I asked my parents to buy me a guitar. »To make his first musical notes resonate. The starting point of a passion and a vocation.

In Montluçon (Allier), the Théâtre des Îlets continues to meet the public in schools

Photos: Florian Salesse

Text: Laura Morel

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