Montluçon buys land from Engie and finances its depollution, the opposition dissatisfied

As part of its development policy, the city of Montluçon (Allier) voted during the municipal council to buy a 12,000 m2 plot of land located on the Sainte-Geneviève block this Thursday. It was sold by the Engie company for 580,000 euros, while its price had been estimated at 360,000 euros, reports La Montagne.

A future skate park

This difference is explained by the financing of the depollution of the land. Until 1965, this site hosted a gas plant, whose activity led to soil pollution which now risks contaminating groundwater. The cost of this depollution, which will be carried out by Engie, has therefore been reimbursed by a higher purchase price.

“Normally, it is the polluter who pays for the depollution”, lamented an opposition municipal councilor quoted by The mountain. “There, that’s us. Eventually, this land should become a skate park, leisure areas and a car park. So many complementary activities of the multiplex cinema, in project for eight years and which is always the object of a legal recourse.


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