Montpellier: a man arrested after having sexually assaulted a young woman on the forecourt of the station

The victim called in a municipal police crew who was patrolling not far from the scene of the attack.

This Saturday at 4.45 p.m., while the Pride March unfolded its joyful spirit in the heart of the city, a young woman was the victim of a sexual assault on the forecourt of Saint-Roch station, in Montpellier.

According to the victim’s words, two men accosted him, first to ask him for his Snapchat account. Then, one of the two individuals physically blocked him and forcibly kissed him on the face with his tongue several times. He also allegedly tried to touch her chest.

The young woman managed to extract herself from the two individuals. And, not far from there, she calls out to a municipal police patrol, stationed for a surveillance mission. Thanks to a fairly detailed description of his attackers (one has dread locks, the other wore an orange bucket hat and a blue and white shirt), the municipal police quickly found the duo. And, after confirmation of the victim, transported them to the police station.

They also accompanied the young lady, so that she could file a complaint and allow an investigation to be launched.