Access road crossed, buses of CRS, a dozen men in balaclavas and armed. Resources are dispatched, Monday 11 December 2017, in the early afternoon, around the great mosque of the Paillade, Montpellier. And when the police enter the room where the study several dozens of children from 3 to 10 years, they think they bring to light the activities of a koranic school illegal. In the Face of this deployment, the parents come out in a panic with their toddlers frightened. Except that…

Balaclavas and armed ?

Except that a month after this operation, the certainty of the departure have left the place with questions growing about its relevance. And a certain amazement at the Association of trilingual teaching (ACT), directly targeted by the descent. Former member, Mahfoud Benali, one of its leaders, says : “This has nothing to do with a koranic school. The association supports simply fifty families who have made the choice of the instruction in family. All children are enrolled in the Cned.”

“The choice of the instruction in family”

“Frankly, it was shameful, disproportionate.” “All the children are reported to the board of education, controlled by the city, some were a year ahead of schedule,” reports a father, according to which several young people have been deeply affected.

Sought, the prosecutor Christophe Barret justify his conduct : “An investigation is underway, led by the public prosecutor. There are several aspects involved by this procedure. The first is the legislation that exists to open an educational institution. Then, one is in a country where school education is compulsory up to 16 years. Third aspect, the respect of the legislation in the context of a teaching activity.” The magistrate ensures that “the police intervened with all the delicacy necessary and extremely relaxed. There was no police officer encagoulé.”

The investigation continues

“Ten the parents can testify to the contrary”, maintains a mother. The investigation is continuing. Parents, facilitators and volunteers of the association have been heard. “At this stage, it has not taken a decision”, said Christophe Barret. Mahfoud Benali recalls that the AET has been created to bring a project to private school with courses in Arabic in primary school for 250 children. A building is under construction at Tournezy for an opening in September. “We have obtained the building permit. We play the total transparency.”

It is in anticipation of this opening that the parents have had recourse to the device said of the instruction in family associated to the support classes in rooms made available by the mosque. Until December 11, 2017.

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