Montpellier: more than four people in custody after the anti-government demonstration


Montpellier – Only four people were still questioned Sunday night, about 43 people initially in custody after the demonstration of “convergence of struggles” of Montpellier Saturday.

Of the 51 people arrested Saturday, 43 had been placed in custody, according to figures given by the Prefecture in the morning Sunday. At 22:00, only four of them were still questioned, said Sophie Mazas, president of the Herault Federation of the League of Human Rights (LDH), presents the whole afternoon before the police hotel in Montpellier as part of a rally to obtain the release of all arrested protesters. The detainees were heard for acts of violence against persons in charge of the public order, aggravated deterioration and / or participation in a group to commit degradations, had specified the public prosecutor of Montpellier Christophe Barret. The demonstration, which had gathered between 1,000 and 2,000 people Saturday in Montpellier, was the scene of clashes: about 200 militants, the face hidden, had directly confronted the police, deployed in number, had found the journalists of the AFP. This anti-government demonstration brought together young anarchists, opponents of the Vidal law on access to the university, activists defending the rights of migrants or opponents of the dispersion of the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire -Atlantic). Damage to various businesses – banks, real estate agencies or phone shops – on the sidelines of the event were not yet assessed Sunday. – Arrests ” very violent “, according to the LDH – These arrests and custody are ” pure com ‘ “, regretted Me Mazas with AFP:” These people, including two members of the legal team of the LDH, were arrested completely at random, more than two hours after the degradations committed on the sidelines of the event, and 2 km of the degradations “. As early as Saturday night, the LDH denounced in a statement ” obstacles to the freedom to demonstrate “.” Some arrests were very violent, there was an unusual repression in Montpellier, with several dozen wounded “, insisted Ms. Mazas Sunday with AFP. The mayor (various left) of Montpellier Philippe Saurel denounced Sunday in a statement the ” acts of unheard-of violence ” and the ” overflows occurred “at the demonstration on Saturday.He announced a complaint against X of the city and called the state to” act with firmness to put an end to this situation of tensions “. Accusing without naming them ” those who instrumentalize and stir up hatreds “, Mr. Saurel then directly referred Muriel Ressiguier, MP France Insoumise of the 2nd district of Herault, saying that” these dramatic events took place under (his) accommodating gaze “. Contacted by AFP, Ms. Ressiguier denied any unspoken agreement on his part for Saturday’s excesses: ” I have always condemned violence, and violence, I still condemn it today “, she said, now wanting” to work for the convergence of struggles “. For Me Mazas, the ” would be rather that of the president of the University of Montpellier, Philippe Augé, and the Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, who took no precautionary measures after the operation of a masked militia “in the night of March 22 to 23 to dislodge student contestants who occupied an amphitheater.


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