Montpellier : patrols for safety, in Polygon

Montpellier : patrols for safety, in Polygon


P to improve deterrence, the mall has changed his strategy.

Since a fortnight, the 10 000 daily users of the Polygon do not have to mark the not to the entrance of the mall. No more need to present bags and bag search just before entering the shopping mall to rush to the stores. Not because these enhanced security measures (increase of 50 % of the workforce), taken in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, france in 2016 and recommended within the framework of Vigipirate, have been revised downward. Quite to the contrary.


But the direction of the shopping centre has chosen to change the strategy. “Until now, the positions of the agents were static at both entrances, explains Roger Naro, the director. It is safe but I’m not sure that this is really a deterrent. You can’t control everyone.” Not to mention the funnel effect that these controls could sometimes generate in front of the gates, with queues. A greater exposure to risk.

The system put in place recently is to patrol a dozen security guards permanently on the site, and always in a permanent link with the PC security. “I prefer the personal and redeployed to have more officers in the mall (mall, editor’s NOTE), ready to interventions more quickly,” says the director.

Managing conflict

A principle of action recommended by the ministry of the Interior through various circulars dedicated to private security, become a true watchman national since the killing of Nice. The shopping centres do not receive any injunction, technical services of the State, but the exchange of information is constant, such as the coordination with the forces of law and order.

employees of the PSI (provider chosen by the Socri) are all holders of a qualification Ssiap 1, 2, or 3 (fire safety service and assistance to persons). Trained to manage conflict situations, they do not have the right to be armed (only the conveyors of funds).

Excavations random

They are also responsible for identifying any suspicious behavior, and may at any time require the searching of bags, “random to act as a deterrent”. In the event of a problem, contact is immediately made with the police services, whose staff regularly patrol in these private buildings open to the public. In addition, each co-owner of the commercial area, as the scale of the city, Galleries Lafayette, Monoprix, or the offices of the tower, may use its own provider. As many eyes to monitor.

The future expansion project provides for “the improvement of the flow in the middle of escalators and additional elevator to “avoid bottlenecks”. New cameras video surveillance complement the device already.

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