Montpellier: the 4 tram lines resume their usual route this Saturday

The end of phase 3 of the rail renovation program

For several months, users of the Montpellier tramway have been forced, on certain portions, to navigate on modified routes. Station closures and resulting diversions of the vast modernization plan set up by the metropolis, started at the beginning of May around the Saint-Roch station. Objective of this colossal project of 70 million euros, strengthen the maintenance and modernization of tram equipment and infrastructure. Chickpeas away« the replacement of the rails, the change of switches and the renovation of the coatings ” detailed the TAM during the launches of the 3rd and last phase of the site, engaged sector Chorus last October 17.

Normal resumption of trams, some bus lines are adapting

Result, from this Saturday, the stations Chorus and Comedy will again be served. The 4 tram lines will resume their usual route. From on the bus side, changes are also to be expected, concerning the timetables for lines 20, 21, 22, 27, 30, 33 and 43. They will be adjusted to ensure a better correspondence with the tramway.

Note that this return to normal will only be temporary, with the launch of a new phase of work from the beginning of next year.

All the information to be found on the site tam-trips.