Montpellier: the president of the university Paul Valéry asks the intervention of the public force


” The form taken by the movement at Paul-Valéry University makes it impossible for us to take the ordinary policing measures incumbent on a school president and make the operation of the administration and services of the institution extremely difficult. ‘university. ” Patrick Gilli, overwhelmed by the situation, asks the State service to intervene via a press release . The Paul-Valéry faculty has been occupied by student strikers since March. Paul-Valéry busy all weekend illegally After the excesses during Saturday’s demonstration in the center of Montpellier, a hundred students has invested the buildings of the facet of letters, Paul Valery, while it was closed until this morning 8am. On Sunday, the faculty’s occupation continued and between 100 and 150 students illegally entered the university compound. ” We had disturbing information during the night about the risks of violence in the establishment and discovered weapons by destination (pavers, sticks), that’s why I asked the staff, with the exception of services currently priority, not to come to campus today. “Precise Patrick Gilli in his release. Excited by the situation Faced with this situation that is not unblocked, and at the latest events, the sabotage of the servers of the University Paul-Valéry Patrick Gilli, president of the university, asks the state to assume its public order responsibilities. ” The administrative, technical, and teaching staff are mostly overwhelmed by this blockage, which only penalizes the university. It is now necessary for the State to assume its responsibilities in matters of public order “, recalls the president of the university Paul Valéry. Finally, he specifies that the exams will take place: ” We maintain the need to hold these events in the interest of students and the university. Our fundamental goal remains the one that we have consistently displayed for a long time: the exams both at a distance and in attendance for this session of the second semester in the voted calendar. ” In addition, a recourse on the conduct of online examinations, introduced by Solidaires and Sud Education is examined this Monday afternoon.


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