Montpellier: the “saurelian” group dissolves itself in the Department

No long speech, just a few words. In a letter addressed to Kléber Mesquida, the president of the institution, Michèle Dray-Fitoussi announces the dissolution of the “Hérault citizens” group within the departmental council of Hérault.

This brought together the deputies and municipal councilors of Philippe Saurel, who had been elected in 2015 to the Department in the wake of the triumphant municipal elections of 2014. They had won four of the five Montpellier cantons at stake – the pair of Michaël Delafosse taking the fifth.

“There is therefore no longer any reason to exist”

Yet all (or almost) from the same political party as the departmental majority, these eight elected officials had chosen to create a group, to carry the voice of the City of Montpellier in the departmental hemicycle. In doing so, they placed themselves in opposition to Kléber Mesquida, symbolizing the relations that very quickly became conflictual between the latter and Philippe Saurel.

But since the defeat of Mr. Saurel in the municipal elections of 2020, these elected officials had become very silent for the most part. The last days, Free Midi even revealed tensions within the group. CQFD, this self-dissolves. “As I have had the opportunity to express it in the press on several occasions, the group that I had the honor to chair for six years, was only relevant because we were elected in the majority municipal council of Montpellier. There is therefore no longer any reason to exist “, writes Michèle Dray-Fitoussi.


This specifies: “Each departmental councilor will have complete freedom to take on the responsibilities he considers best.” That is to say, join the departmental majority or remain independent… Until the elections in June. As to whether these elected officials will put their mandate on the line, facing candidates from the municipal majority who will in turn have the wind in their sails, is yet another question.


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