Montpellier. This Tuesday, another school theater of physical violence

Second act of violence in two days against agents from Montpellier schools (©dr)

On Monday, a particularly scandalous news item made the headlines: four people broke into the Jeanne-Deroin nursery school in the La Martelle district to extirpate by force, in front of the children still present, a RALAE who was beaten up . A parent of students, intervened to stop the beating, was also molested by the attackers.

The injured evacuated to the Emergency Department

The two injured, aged 32 and 35, were rescued by Sdis 34 firefighters and a medical team. Slightly injured, but above all shocked, they were admitted to the emergency room of the Lapeyronie hospital.

A hit host

This Tuesday, rebelote, this time in the Voltaire elementary school, located in the district of La Croix-d’Argent … Around 4:45 p.m., a mother in her forties, accompanied by her 20-year-old grandson, entered in the establishment to demand accounts from a facilitator who “would have jostled her 10-year-old son”.

The mother and her son in custody

According to testimonies, the mother and the son, very angry, verbally attacked the host before going up in the towers and coming to blows. The argument quickly got out of hand and the mother and son hit the host in front of the students. The 20-year-old son then fled, but the two protagonists were eventually arrested and taken into custody.

How to secure schools?

These two acts of violence, with blows exchanged in front of children, question the safety around and in the school, and the support to be given to the victims. Tuesday, after the first assault, Fanny Dombre-Coste, the deputy mayor in charge of school affairs, went to Jeanne Deroin kindergarten to meet and speak with the staff and the parents of the students. The City, which also published a press release (see below) specifies that a psychological unit has been set up …

Press release: “The City condemns an unacceptable act and supports the educational community”

“The municipality strongly condemns this cowardly aggression. Violence has no place in school, a place of knowledge, respect, tolerance. The schools of the Republic are an inviolable place where children must be able to evolve in complete safety. No intrusion can be tolerated.
The protection of children and adults at school is the priority. As soon as the attack occurred, everything was done to provide psychological support to the children and adults at the school. In connection with National Education, the City has deployed a support system: a work psychologist from the town hall, a psychologist from National Education, specialists from the CHU were present at the school today. The executives of National Education and the City were also with the teams.
In the coming days, the municipal police will be present in a reinforced way during the hours of entry and exit of the school. Its mission will be to calm the school environment and reassure families.
It is now up to the national police and the judiciary to shed light on this aggression, so that the perpetrators are identified and punished. The City of Montpellier will support the investigation and will naturally be alongside the victims in their efforts. “


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