D them of the casualties were reported in the ranks of wine producers that make a blockade in front of the city hall of Montpellier following the arrest of 7 of them by the police on Monday.

because of the demonstrations in front of the police station in support of the growers arrested in the course of an investigation of the judicial police with respect to diversés shares of Crav ( the Regional Committee of Action Wine), the traffic around the hotel police remains very complicated, in particular, on the avenue of the States General of Languedoc and the boulevard of the East.

Two people were injured, including 1 burned in the second degree, according to rescue present on-site. “The farmers present were given of the attacks of the forces of order,” one can read in a press release of the young farmers in the Gard.

By early afternoon, the line 3 of the tramway has been deflected by the line 1, but has resumed its normal route to 14: 45. The union des vignerons du Gard has been received in the early afternoon by the prefect. A company of CRS has been dispatched.

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