Montreal distillery Oshlag launches Oshlag Seltzer, new light and fruity ready-to-drink!

With the arrival of good weather, there are more and more opportunities to have a drink during a picnic in the park, or a happy hour on the terrace or around the swimming pool.

What better way to cool off than a good hard seltzer – an alcoholic drink composed of fruit-flavored sparkling water, with an alcohol index generally between 4 and 6% -, especially since it is made by a Quebec company?

The very first establishment in Quebec to brew beer and distill spirits under the same roof (and cSister company of Microbrasserie Glutenberg and the distribution company Transbroue), Oshlag Brewery and Distillery continuously sets itself apart from other businesses in the industry by its unique offer of alcoholic products (spirits, ready-to-drink, etc.).

A few weeks ago, the latter officially launched its most recent product, les Oshlag Seltzers with original and thirst-quenching flavors. Made with natural aromas and having an index of 4.5% alc./vol., the new Oshlag Seltzers contain only 110 calories per can, 1 gram of sugar per can and are produced entirely in Quebec.

These are available in three distinct flavors, either Goyave (more delicate and light, with a touch of rhubarb), Citron (combined with the taste of ginger, for a balance between the acidity of lime, the pronounced citrus taste and the freshness of ginger) and finally Mango (perfect union between juicy and sweet mango and the tangy taste of pineapple).

Oshlag Seltzers are now available in many convenience stores and grocery stores in Quebec.

Can’t wait to try these new products from here?