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Did you know that a renowned French novelist, Benoît Duteurtre, recently published a vitriolic pamphlet on Mayor Valérie Plante?

Congestion and noise

In fact, Dutortre’s book, Mayor’s teeth, attacks Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris (in France, we say “the mayor”, because “the mayoress” is the mayor’s wife).

But Ms. Hidalgo has so many points in common with the mayoress of Montreal that it seems that Duteurtre is talking about Valérie Plante.

Watch this excerpt, on congestion in the streets of Paris …

“We feel a perverse desire to disgust the motorist by poisoning his daily life.

Cars go as best they can, the air stinks of hydrocarbon fumes, weekdays and weekends.

Objective of the town hall, the reduction in the number of vehicles is canceled by the slowness of the circulation which increases the diffusion of harmful substances.

Emergency vehicles and police vans, stuck like the others in traffic jams, vainly use their sirens to clear their way … “

Isn’t that Montreal?

And wait, he also talks about the incessant work that causes real headaches.

“The municipal administration allows the number of sites to multiply, which go on for months without any control.

Throughout the year, road workers reshape the roads, dig holes, fill them up and dig them again for all kinds of reasons (gas, electricity, wiring).

The noisy construction sites never stop, leaving potholes to multiply in the streets strewn with garbage … “

Replace “Paris” by “Montreal”, and you have a true portrait of the Quebec metropolis.

The school teacher

We know that Mayor Valérie Plante recently asked street musicians to “liven up” the streets of Montreal in order to once again attract customers who fled the crowded streets of the metropolis.

Anne Hidalgo did the same in Paris. Here is what Dutortre writes about this strategy.

“The authorities love to offer this festive activity which takes the place of ‘citizen’ policy.

I dread more than anything the festivities that follow one another with their monstrous speakers supposed to testify to collective happiness, but which impose on the neighborhood the harassment of bass and drums. “

Benoît Duteurtre also denounces the “boy scout” side of the mayor of Paris. Here too, his criticisms seem to be addressed directly to Valérie Plante.

“Madame Hidalgo has the side of a school teacher, or a summer camp instructor. She doesn’t just manage her city by making it practical and pleasant for its inhabitants.

No, it intends to lead a larger moral action and enlist the population behind it.

She is not there to maintain Paris, but to save the planet, to denounce prisoners of conscience or feminicides, and to intervene in any matter on her Twitter account.

She is convinced to embody justice and moral values, when her opponents would be guided only by selfishness and self-interest. “

You fanaticism

“There is something fanatic about this desire to remake the whole city in the service of cyclists who represent only a minority,” said Duteurtre.


Anne Hidalgo has just been re-elected as mayor of Paris.

A taste of what awaits us in Montreal?

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