Moon identified as a “yellow sign”

Do you have a Tesla? As we know, the autonomous driving area still has a lot to evolve. Elon Musk himself has already admitted the complexity and challenges because there are many variables involved.

Last week, a user posted on Twitter something “weird” that happened while his Tesla was on autopilot mode. See the video.

Jordan Nelson was cruising on a North Carolina, US highway, when he realized his Tesla had temporarily slowed down after mistaking the moon for a yellow traffic light.

The flaw was recorded and later shared on Twitter by Nelson. In the publication Jordan Nelson identified Elon Musk, but he did not react to the information.

Despite what happened, the Tesla car subsequently maintained a constant speed, as AutoPilot only brakes or slows down if it detects another vehicle or someone in front of it. It should be noted that since 2020, Tesla's autopilot has been able to interpret traffic lights and STOP signals.

Tesla Autopilot: Moon identified as a "yellow sign"

This “flaw” should be fixed in the next system update with the release of Tesla Vision. This update is expected to be released in the coming months.

The company recently posted a record profit close to one billion. According to recent data, the company's quarterly profit from the automobile segment reached for the first time USD 1.1 billion dollars (932 million euros). Accounts done, Tesla has now made a profit 10 times that registered in the homologous period. Tesla now has a market value of around $630 billion (€534 billion), 14 times more than just two years ago.

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