Moon slammed by Pinkpop visitors: ‘Terrible performance’

The performance of singer Maan at the Pinkpop festival was not to the liking of many visitors. “Suddenly we seem to be at a funeral. Terrible,” it said on Twitter.

Maan had been looking forward to it for weeks and yesterday the time had finally come: she was on the mainstage of the Pinkpop festival. “The calm before the storm and a lot of jitters in the stomach,” she wrote enthusiastically on Instagram just before her performance.

‘Sad and impersonal’

No less than 60,000 visitors were watching her on Sunday, but her performance was not to everyone’s taste. Maan receives a lot of criticism on social media.

“Moon is just like Sam Larsson, on YouTube you don’t know what you’re going through but in real life it’s junk,” a visitor tweeted. And another: “I went to funerals that were more fun than Maan’s performance at Pinkpop.”

The choice to have Maan perform after Joost Klein was not understood by many. “Putting moon right after Joost was the worst choice for that poor girl ever. Wow, what a huge contrast. After Joost’s party, we suddenly seem to be at a funeral? Horrible.” And another visitor called the performance ‘sad, impersonal and commercial’.

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