By the end of the year, this smartphone model has become one of the most popular. She has great features and very good performance. However, there are drawbacks.

The weak point of most modern electronic devices are their batteries. Therefore, the company Mophie released specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone case with built-in battery.

The power of the extra battery built into this accessory is 2525 mAh. He was announced at the end of the summer. Now it is already available to fans of gadgets at a price of $ 100. Only one color is black.

The case is made so that the size of the smartphone increases quite a bit. At the same time, it does not prevent the extraction of the stylus and its use.

A new accessory from Mophie can be recharged using wireless charging. Its weight is 118 grams. The novelty has LED indicators that alert the user what the charge level is.



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