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A testimony that will cause talk in the world of television. And more particularly within the France Télévisions sports department. In an interview with L’Equipe this Saturday, journalist Clémentine Sarlat (32) looks back on her years at France TV, a channel that left in 2018. Between dubious jokes, broken promises and moral harassment. She notably tells of her return from pregnancy. “I was going to Stage 2 crying. For the preparation of the show, nobody was talking to me, they had put me in a separate office, far from the editors (…) So, I was not involved, it’s true, but I felt like a stab in the back. Especially since the return from maternity leave is a fragile period for women. ” The latter adds to the atmosphere prevalent in France TV’s sports service. “We meet great people but also big idiots. With the old guys, as soon as I put on a skirt, I had to think about it. I worked for TF1 during the Rugby World Cup, it made me weird, everyone was normal. “



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