Morand Bridge in Lyon Gets a Makeover for Pedestrians and Cyclists

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Work on the Morand bridge in Lyons lasted two months. A car lane has been removed. (©Ludivine Caporal/actu Lyon)

The metamorphosis of the Lyon bridges imagined by the elected ecologists of Grand Lyon continues.

After the Wilson bridge (3rd) and the Clemenceau bridge (9th), a new very busy axis has just been completely redeveloped to leave more space for cyclists and pedestrians: the Morand bridge (6th)which connects Foch to Hôtel de Ville.

A traffic lane has been removed.

Wider sidewalk and bike path

The work, carried out over two months, consisted of extending a sidewalk by 1.70 meters and widening the two-way cycle path, now 4 meters wide.

Each of the bike lanes is two meters long, the same width as the Voies Lyonnaises.

“It was essential to rebalance the sharing of public spaceto take into account all the flows and to reinforce walking, ”explains Valentin Lungenstrass, deputy mayor in charge of mobility, this Wednesday, May 31, during the inauguration of the facilities.

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Until then, the car occupied 56% of the road on the bridge while this mobility represented only 37% of trips during peak hours on weekdays, and only 30% on weekends. The layouts make it possible to distribute the public space as follows: 36% for pedestrians, 27% for cyclists and 37% for motorists.

Greater Lyon
The Pont Morand facilities were inaugurated this Wednesday, May 31, 2023.
The Pont Morand facilities were inaugurated this Wednesday, May 31, 2023 in the presence of Yasmine Bouagga, mayor of the 1st arrondissement of Lyon and Valentin Lungenstrass, deputy mayor in charge of mobility. (©Ludivine Caporal/actu Lyon)

Same facilities on the Lafayette bridge

On June 5, other work will begin on the side of the Lafayette bridge (3rd), the bridge most frequented by cyclists with its track which slaloms between the lampposts.

The same facilities are planned: widened sidewalks, enlarged and bilateral cycle paths, less car traffic lane.

Note that from June 12 and until the end of August, traffic on this axis will be prohibited to motorized vehicles.

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2023-06-01 10:37:02
Lyons. This busy bridge changes to make way for pedestrians and cyclists

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