More and more migrants are losing their lives on their way to the USA

Washington. From October 2021 to date, 748 migrants have died en route to the United States. It’s 548 more than a year ago. This was reported by the US Department of Homeland Security.

The reasons for this are the extreme heat when crossing desert areas, drowning when crossing rivers, fatal injuries when crossing border installations and also an increasing willingness to take more dangerous routes.

In the last week alone, US border police discovered eight bodies on the Rio Bravo border river. The authorities believe that the number of deaths exceeds the 748: “In addition, there are the deaths that are not documented by the border police but registered by local authorities,” according to a border police officer.

The migrants who make it to the US alive are taken in coaches from the southern states to Washington DC and New York. From April this year to date, 7,400 migrants have been brought to the capital and 2,000 to New York. The state governments of Texas and Arizona believe that the federal government should take care of the migrants. This in turn means that this is a matter for the respective regional authorities.

“By doing this, the southern states want to distance themselves from responsibility for migration. A crisis has been triggered that nobody wants to take responsibility for,” comments the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, a non-governmental organization that supports migrants in Washington.

The NGO also complains that they are not informed in good time about the arrival of the coaches, so that they cannot organize accommodation, food and care. Hotels have provided sleeping places for migrants. Nevertheless, many still sleep in train stations and public spaces.

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The local authorities are overwhelmed by the high number of migrants. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared the capital a “humanitarian emergency” and is calling for the National Guard to be deployed to deal with the massive influx of migrants. President Joe Biden’s administration rejected this.

The situation has worsened after Biden abolished the “Order 42” created under the administration of Donald Trump. This allowed the US authorities to immediately send migrants back to Mexico on the grounds that this would prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The increasingly bad situation in their countries of origin is forcing migrants to emigrate. On August 31, the eighth migrant caravan left southern Mexico for the United States. 600 migrants hope to get a transit visa from Mexico.

Although the Texas and Arizona governments claim the migrants voluntarily went on to Washington, New York or Chicago, several migrants tell the media that upon arrival in the US they were given a document to sign, pledging to keep themselves to embark on a journey north.

For the majority of migrants, moving on is no help: “We came to Texas. These free coaches to get here were the only thing we were offered. I took it because I didn’t know what else to do , but now I don’t know what to do next,” laments a migrant from Venezuela who is traveling alone with her two small children.

Meanwhile, migrants from Latin American countries — the largest group in the US — denounce that refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan are receiving offers of help and essential services from several states to rebuild their lives while they are left alone in unsettled circumstances for long periods of time.