More and more surgeries just for the perfect selfie – fashion and beauty

More and more people are going under the knife to get the perfect selfie. However, scalpel and anesthetic cannot solve all problems.

Anyone who works a lot and likes to use social media will certainly be familiar with the numerous functions of various photo and video apps. Especially on platforms like Instagram you can let off steam with a wide variety of filters. The applications are fun and improve the user experience of everyone who uses them.

If selfies don’t get enough likes, then next time the look will be helped. For many women, however, retouching goes so far that they even go under the knife for more popularity on social media.

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The new measure of beauty

According to a study by the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery (AAFPRS), around 90 percent of female study participants go under the knife for rhinoplasty alone. The number of male subjects is 85 percent – ​​also a high level. No wonder, after all, especially during the two years of the pandemic, we constantly had our faces in front of us and thus became aware of every shortcoming.

Affected by the so-called “self-dissipation” are not only young people. Even people in their mid-20s or 30s struggle with the idea that cosmetic surgery is the only way to improve their appearance. These often become victims of cyber bullying and mobbing on the Internet and see only one way out of their shameful situation: surgery.

In modern times, anyone with a social media account can read and judge someone else’s face. Many point out aging processes or weight fluctuations and let you know in the form of comments what you already know about your appearance. Everything is precisely documented and recorded. Attractiveness has not been compared to popular celebrities for a long time. Instead, as Instagram user @miilenia points out in her post, what matters with the newer scourge is whether your looks generally fit the ubiquitous standards of beauty.

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According to the American study, 16 percent of cosmetic procedures in recent years have been carried out in pairs – by mother and daughter. This is certainly a more unusual notion of a mother-daughter relationship, thanks to the rise of social media. Surgical procedures motivated by social media insecurities aren’t just a drain on the wallet. These operations also leave behind damage to health, as far as the psyche is concerned.

If you really want to change your appearance, you will always find a doctor who will put your plan into practice. When considering an operation, it is therefore crucial to find an expert who will weigh and discuss all the advantages and disadvantages with you before an operation is carried out.

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