More beautiful life: shock revelation, Patrick Nebout is still alive!


Patrick Nebout can tremble, we are probably better investigator than him. And for good reason, it had been guessed for several days already, his recent death in More beautiful life is false. It is indeed what has just affirmed TV star , always very well informed when it comes to the series of France 3. And you have understood, if the character of Jerome Bertin is still alive it also means that Abdel … is innocent.
A plan with two
How? Why ? According to the website It was actually a subterfuge organized by the police and the prosecutor’s assistant to try to bring down the Liberati. And Abdel is in the combine. Commander Nebout will therefore reappear in a few days at the Mistral “Of course, we will have to wait to discover the back of the scenery of this surprising plan, but we already know that everything will not go as planned.
Abdel in danger?
And for good reason, if Patrick Nebout is alive and well, Abdel is meanwhile in the first line …: ” Abdel is still out of trouble, still stuck in jail, a clan war is ready to burst. Will we find Patrick Nebout to lose Abdel? “Prepare your handkerchiefs, Abdel’s sacrifice in this plan could end well in a bloodbath …


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