It's really stupid that Philip Roth died, because it was a story for him. The protagonist of this miscellaneous "so" 2018, which convinces us decidedly that the "Gorafi-sation" of the world is well advanced? Once upon a time, then, the Lyon-based Emile-Cohl art school wanted to open a branch in Los Angeles to get closer to animation and Hollywood studios.

To settle in the United States, that implies to seduce potential students, to seek funds, to make com … Only here. The photo of the Emile-Cohl school promo is desperately white. Good. It is too late to recruit fake black or Asian students, to do as in the American facs with their damn quotas, so what to do?

Fortunately, there is this awesome thing called Photoshop, this software that makes believe that all women, in magazines, have legs one meter tall, breasts and buttocks in shells and never wrinkles. Neither one nor two, the famous photo promo is retouched. And hop, miraculously, white students become black! She is not beautiful, life?

These are students who discovered the pot to the roses. The manipulation is well told in this thread Twitter, where since then, former students evoke anecdotes not stung by chafers on the atmosphere of the school.

Arrested on social networks, then by Rue89Lyon, the direction of Emile-Cohl school removed the photo and claimed that it was a mistake of "his provider".

The excuses that are on the school site are crisp:

"Friday, September 7, we discovered on the website of the school we are preparing for the creation in the United States, in Los Angeles, a photo of students Lyon Lyon 2018, provided on site as an illustration , Had been retouched to change the physical appearance of some of them.

Alerted by students, we made our arrangements by having this transformed document removed without our authorization. We broke the site provider's contract and apologized to those concerned, because of course we disapprove of this process. "

In short, it is unwittingly that the school has engaged in a technological "blackface". The provider of the site has good back. We can imagine the guy with computer graphics who would say "Hey, guys, there are really too many blanks on this picture", and focus on Photoshop to hack "the physical appearance" of models, with the colorimetric mode, without warning his client. Ha! Ha!

Thought moved for Manuel Valls

We imagine, at the same time, the disarray of the responsible in front of this picture so white, not very USA-friendly. Yes, the thing with these stories of "visible minorities" is precisely that there is the word visible in it, it's nerd.

This feeling of helplessness, I understand, even, I sympathize. It's true that it's really ch … these stories of "visible minorities" who moan and make scandals on social networks.

I remember this friend of Vietnamese origin, to whom his direction (he worked in a very, very big company whose name I will not say of course) had asked to pose for the photos of the annual report, in the foreground … Tranquillou .

I also have an emotional thought for Manuel Valls, who was demanding for a media outlet in his town hall of Evry, a photo with "more than white and blancos ", like what, it also works in the other direction, these stories of color diversity.

We are not going to lie, the Emile-Cohl school is certainly not the only one to be unicolor. Let's bet that if we took pictures of the specials of other art schools, schools, X, HEC, ENA, there would be nothing to give great lessons in diversity. Same for the pictures of the boards. And, yes, let's face it too – beware, this is a coming out -, for the photos of the print media, including … "the Obs" (YES, THAT IS, I SAID IT!)

Except that faced with this stubborn reality, this cruel lack of diversity in our elites, this story of Photoshop opens us to dizzying oceans of possibilities. Take Manuel Valls, for example. Not enough blancos in Evry? Photoshop, brighten the gray balance. The photos of the Socialist Group in the National Assembly: Photoshop still, CMYK color balance. And so much to do, we even suggest adding a small copy-paste full of other ghost deputies to mass, because honestly, there is misery.

And presto, you're done!

No, really, why bother to recruit other profiles from the "diversity", huh, if a little touch of editing is enough? Imagine the tiredness and efforts of Rachel Dolezal, the American woman who became a NAACP activist, who had invented a black father and cultivated a permanent tan and dreads to make her story credible. imposture? All this money slammed in booths at UV Point Sun, not to mention the risk of skin cancer, all these permanent, all these meetings around the African American cause … This poor Rachel had drooled, to pretend to be black. (And here is the moment when, inevitably, we want to make a special dedication to Raphael Enthoven, who declared, in an interview with the "Point", regret not to be "a black woman for […] that we stop [l]'annoying', provoking a controversy on social networks.)

In short, we find it totally unfair to accuse this unfortunate Emile-Cohl school of racism. We would rather want to award him a prize Lépine of inventiveness, a Pulitzer of the "fake news". Imagine happiness. There's no need to stomp all these feminist associations and torture yourself with these gender parity stories on the boards, the executive committees, blah-blah-blah. A small editing, hair here, lipstick there, and presto, voila! Rather than spending millions on "diversity" commissions, it would be much more economical – and, moreover, people would have fun like crazy people – to retouch the photos of the Senate, the National Assembly, the Elysee, to darken skins, curl hair, bridle eyes. A request, however, for our artists of the magic slate: to add Asians to a photo of Whites, no need to repaint the skins in yellow, eh!

Doan Bui


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