More details about the murder of Einár (19) are revealed

The murder of 19-year-old rapper Nils Grönberg, better known as Einár, has shocked Sweden.

Called for gunfire

On Wednesday, Swedish Aftonbladet writes that two rappers were with Einár when he was killed. The two are said to be part of a criminal environment, and the day before the murder of the rapper, they themselves were shot at a music studio. No one was injured in the incident.

According to the newspaper, Einár is said to have called one of them on Snapchat just after the shooting with the music studio.

Police have previously stated that eyewitnesses said they saw one or two people running from the scene after the shots fell. It is not known if it was the two rappers who were observed, or if it was the perpetrators.

Flowers and candles mark the scene of the murder of Einar. Photo: Jessica Gow

No one has been arrested either for the shooting at the music studio, or for the murder of Einár.

Photographed the body

Swedish police hold the cards close to their chests in the case. The murder is believed to be linked to gang crime, which may mean that witnesses do not dare to talk to the police for fear of reprisals.

One of the police’s theories is that the murder was a commissioned mission, and that Einár lived with a shotgun on his head, and has previously been kidnapped.

After the murder, the perpetrators are said to have photographed the dead rapper, according to Aftonbladet. Probably to have evidence of the murder.

Criminal networks

Einár was shot and killed in a residential area south of Stockholm on Thursday night last week. He was hit in the chest and face.

The rapper was probably not part of a specific gang, but linked to several parts of the criminal environment in the city. It can involve conflict between rival gangs.

The Swedish rapper Einar died on the spot when he was shot.  Photo: TT via AP)

The Swedish rapper Einar died on the spot when he was shot. Photo: TT via AP) Photo: Henrik Montgomery

In his rap lyrics, he described the kidnapping, his mother’s fight, juvenile crimes he was involved in and the murder of his friend. In Sweden, this has set fire to the debate that gangster rappers glorify violence and crime, writes Expressen.

The police have identified 52 criminal networks in Stockholm. It is not uncommon to use young people to commit the most heinous acts, according to a police report published on October 12.

Statistics from the Swedish Bråttsförebyggande rådet (Brå) in May, show an increase in the number of murders with firearms since 2005. Compared with other European countries, it is a sad read for Swedes. In the EU, firearms killings have declined steadily over the same period.

Read the full report here (PDF)