More doubts than answers in the case of alias ‘Manolo’, alleged child molester in Medellín

Many people assure that Ismael Darío Lopera Tangarife is a kind and quiet person. More doubts than answers in the case of alias ‘Manolo’, an alleged child molester in Medellín.

In the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Medellín, a scandal has been unleashed by the abuse of at least 21 children in a kindergarten there. In this case, the aforementioned man was pointed out, who is accused of sexual acts and abusive carnal access to several minors from the children’s center.

The children’s center called Pequeños Explorers reportedly received a complaint from a mother on June 19. The anguished woman called teacher Cecilia Flórez to tell her that her son had been the victim of abuse by alias ‘Manolo’.

During the early hours of Saturday, Lopera was sent to prison as the alleged perpetrator of a sexual act with at least eight minors. In addition, abusive carnal access with five more minors.

However, several neighbors of the alleged abuser in the municipality of Angelópolis (Antioquia), remember that Ismael Lopera was the kindest of the eight children of Don Luis, who died, owner of a motorcycle workshop and food place.

“When he comes, he shares with everyone he meets. The Lopera are very well known people. The mother is alive and the news shocked us. There are many who believe in his innocence ”were the words of a resident of the sector.

More doubts than answers in the case of alias ‘Manolo’, alleged child molester in Medellín

El Tiempo was told by one of his relatives that Lopera is “the best person there is.” In addition, the relative affirmed that everyone points to him as a monster, but that they will show that he is not.

The 53-year-old man is being investigated by the authorities who assure that, if he were responsible, Lopera would have left a clear trace of his conduct.

According to Lopera’s trail, he began to be part of the kindergarten operator three years ago. At that time, Professor Trinidad assured that she was in charge of assembling the meals for the children. For this reason, he was the first to arrive at the garden at 6:30 in the morning to attend to the providers.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the alleged abuser would have had more contact with the children, since he took their temperature at the entrance and gave them masks.

At least one of the children would have assured that it was his ‘big friend’ who was touching him. It is worth mentioning that in the list of employees of the garden Lopera is the only man, and also, he measures 1.75 meters.

For this reason, the monitoring of the alleged abuser included helicopters and interception teams. In addition, there were raids and follow-ups in Medellín, Angelópolis, Guarne, Don Matías and Bello, in the department of Antioquia.

Lopera’s defense insists that he is innocent and that the accusations are false. In addition, they commented that they do not know why there was talk of a reward in capturing him if he would have given himself up.

The video is already public in which it can be seen that the alleged abuser would have voluntarily arrived at a police station to turn himself in with his lawyer.

For their part, the Police had reported that Lopera had been captured in the middle of an operation. Due to these suspensions, the head of the Sijín of the Medellín metropolitan area was temporarily suspended from his post.

In addition, the authorities indicated that they are continuing to investigate whether the surrender of the alleged abuser met all legal requirements.

The judge declared the capture of alias ‘Manolo’ legal, and the Prosecutor’s Office would have charged him with crimes. These would correspond to aggravated sexual acts with a minor under 14 years in eight cases and abusive carnal access with a minor under 14 years aggravated in five more cases.

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