More electric mopeds than petrol mopeds sold for the first time


NOS NewsFriday, 06:35

In the first half of this year, for the first time, more electric mopeds were sold than petrol-powered mopeds. Of the 18,081 mopeds, 54 percent were electric and 46 percent on petrol, reports branch organization Bovag. In the first half of 2021 this was still 41 versus 59 percent.

This change is also underway for mopeds, which are allowed a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour. Of the 18,192 mopeds sold, 45 percent were electric and 55 percent run on petrol. A year earlier that was 36 versus 64 percent, so the share of electric is also rising rapidly there.

“A lot of people have the idea: I also have to contribute to sustainability,” says Paul de Waal of de Bovag about the rise of electric. “And there are now good mopeds and mopeds on a battery, it is also an attractive offer. The price differences between electric and petrol are no longer so great.”

Gasoline prices

“When we started with electric scooters, there were only a few,” says Rob Förster of Förster Bikes in Landgraaf. “People who, for example, wanted to drive on natural roads or wanted to take the scooter in the camper without petrol smell. Now it is people who come because of the petrol prices.”

“You do save on fuel and maintenance,” says Förster. “But the battery loses some of its power every day. The amount you spend for a new battery, you can also buy an economical petrol scooter for that. So to be honest, I don’t understand why more and more people are buying such a thing. “

Helmet requirement for moped

The figures also show that the sale of mopeds rose sharply, while that of light mopeds fell sharply. This has everything to do with the national helmet requirement for light-moped riders that will come into effect on 1 January.

This makes mopeds less attractive for many people. Mopeds may continue to ride on the cycle path, except in parts of Amsterdam and Utrecht. There you have to wear a helmet with your moped for a while and ride on the roadway.