More infections in Aruba and France • Morocco on the EU list of unsafe countries

More and more mortgage lenders are stricter when it comes to providing mortgages. For example, more and more people are asked to fill in a questionnaire about the impact of the corona virus on income. According to RTL Nieuws, some banks would now ask for an extra employer’s statement, even if someone has a permanent contract.

In April, the NOS already announced that a number of mortgage lenders are using an extra questionnaire about the impact of the corona virus on income. Now many more mortgage lenders are doing this. Lenders have started to look much more critically at submitted documents, which means that the waiting time for a mortgage application is now increasing considerably.

The number of people who have to complete a questionnaire has also grown. Mortgage lenders now see a larger number of people as a risk group due to the corona crisis. According to Marga Lankreijer, mortgage manager at Independer, this has not yet led to more rejection of mortgage applications.

More and more mortgage lenders also want people to sell their house before giving a loan for a new home. “You can no longer go to some lenders for such a bridging loan and others lend much less because there is a fear that the home may become worth a lot less”, says Lankreijer.

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