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The pandemic boosted the access of microentrepreneurs to financing over the Internet and with better credit conditions.

“Before 100% of sales were through physical channel or through a business advisor, today 40% of sales are made through alternative channels, for example, digital channels represent about 20% of monthly sales ”Said Luis Almandoz, Mibanco’s Deputy General Manager of Business.

There is talk of digital financial inclusion and with the pandemic a different business model began to be created, he said.

Along the same lines, Marcelino Encalada, Caja Piura’s Finance Manager, stated that clients are increasingly digital and prefer to obtain financial savings and credit products over the Internet due to the speed and security they offer.

Being a client of an entity, it already has the financial information so an automatic evaluation is made, he added.

For his part, Almandoz agreed that it is possible to carry out a remote evaluation to clients and grant them a product such as Cash On Touch that gives them access to a line of credit with terms of up to 18 months.

The client has the product available 24 hours a day and can disburse the money digitally in order not to attend a physical agency, he said.

Likewise, the debtor will not have to go to the bank every three, six or nine months for an evaluation but, depending on his good payment behavior, he will be able to self-disburse a new loan, he said.

However, specialists mention that these digital credits are for low amounts, up to S / 20,000, and the term is usually one year.

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Previously, Asbanc pointed out that some financial entities offer promotional prices on their loans granted through web portals or mobile applications.

One way to digitize the client is to offer lower interest rates, commissions and other expenses, although there are certain products that require a guarantee for approval and cannot be obtained through the Internet, the union said.



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