Other protests are being staged against Donald Trump, as his visit to the UK is changing from talks with Theresa May and the Queen to golf at his Turnberry Resort.

The US President apologized to Mrs. May on Friday in a fire interview in which he had criticized her prime minister, and welcomed the relationship between the United States and the United States as "the highest special level".

As tens of thousands of demonstrators held demonstrations in the UK against Trump's views and policies, he met the Queen at Windsor Castle when the official part of his whirlwind visit to the UK came to an end.

Donald Trump and Queen
The US President and the Queen inspect an honor guard (Matt Dunham / PA)

On Friday night, he flew Air Force One to Glasgow Prestwick Airport for a two-day private stay at his famous Turnberry Golf Resort, but the protests are expected to continue on Saturday.

Thousands of people are expected in Edinburgh for a Resistance Carnival in the Meadows area of ​​the capital.

Activists will also gather outside the Trump International Golf Links on Saturday in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, and it is expected that there could be more demonstrations in Turnberry.

Greenpeace flew a paraglider on Friday night with a banner "Trump Well Below Par" above the resort.

Ben Stewart, from the campaign group, said: "Theresa May should not appreciate Trump visiting the UK, the vast majority of Britons are appalled by his words and deeds, he is simply the worst president ever, so we have him with one Message that branded him well below average. "

Although he said an airship that portrays Mr. Trump as a waving, diaper-wrapped baby had made him feel unwelcome in London. He is expected to play golf while the protests are taking place on Saturday.

Donald Trump visit to the UK
Protesters in George Square, Glasgow (Lesley Martin / PA)

Scottish Foreign Minister David Mundell welcomed the President in Prestwick on Friday evening and said: "(Mr Trump) said he has been in Scotland many times and is very pleased to be here as President.

"He obviously feels very strongly about his mother's Scottish heritage and he looks forward to playing at Turnberry Golf and is confident that the weather will help."

The main focus of Trump's visit was his meeting with the Prime Minister on Friday, following an explosive newspaper interview in which he said that Theresa May's Brexit plans would kill a trade deal with America and Boris Johnson a "great prime minister" ,

At a press conference later on the premises of the Prime Minister's estate, Mr. Trump insisted that he "not criticize" the Prime Minister and sue for "false news".

The US President said Mrs. May "Whatever you do agrees with me" on Brexit, but urged her to "make sure we can act together".

The PM said the US was "keen to make a deal with Britain.

"We will conclude a trade agreement with them and others in the rest of the world," she added.


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