More real spy photos of the Galaxy S22 Ultra reproduce the Note body design

The whistleblower Jon Prosser recently published a number of spy photos claiming to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra on its FrontPageTech website. If the phone in the photo is true, I believe Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note series will be sent to the grave. For Note series supporters, including the moderator Huzai, this may not be a bad thing, because the Note series body design is reproduced on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It can be seen that the screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra adopts a slightly curved design, similar to the previous Galaxy Note series. In addition, the most important S Pen stylus slot has finally returned. Samsung added S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but users have to find another location to place the stylus, which is quite inconvenient. The design of the Galaxy Note series has returned, and the result is that the thickness of the body has increased, but in exchange for the convenience of taking out the S Pen at any time, I believe users will not mind.

The spy photos uploaded by Jon Prosser also show the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can see the design of the camera module, which is very different from the Galaxy S21. It is pointed out that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will follow the design of the previous generation. In other words, people You will be able to distinguish the difference between Ultra and other models at a glance. Prosser also disclosed the camera configuration, which are 108MP main camera, 12MP super wide-angle, 10MP 3x zoom and 10MP 10x zoom. It is pointed out that the Galaxy S22 series will be launched in mid-February next year, and then we will know whether this revelation is accurate.

Source: frontpagetech



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