More space and services for the Roxton Pond Health Solidarity Cooperative

UNVEILING. The Cooperative unveiled this expansion of more than 3,400 square feet this morning. Attached to the existing premises, the new development will allow the coop to offer more services to its members.

Carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Roxton Pond and having received a $100,000 grant from the Caisse Desjardins de Granby–Haute-Yamaska ​​through the community development assistance fund, this project will have required an investment of 1 $275,000. The Government of Quebec, for its part, contributed by providing a generator to the building.

In addition to the usual services, the center will now offer new physiotherapy and osteopathy services, infusion services in collaboration with Innomar Strategies, a gymnasium for rehabilitation for staff and doctors of the cooperative and consultations with psychoeducators. Two start-ups also accompany this expansion, notably PhysiO2, a physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic, and the Clinique psychosociale Novae, for psychoeducation and special education.

Remember that the health solidarity cooperative, which celebrated its 14th anniversary this year, was set up following the mobilization of citizens of Roxton Pond. It offers various medical, nursing and paramedical services.