More than 20 Israeli date brands flood the world, Muslims call for a boycott

Muslims in France have called for a boycott of Israeli dates during Ramadan. Photo/

WEST BANK – As many as 75% of Medjoul dates around the world that are marketed as “Israeli products”, are grown on Palestinian land stolen by the Zionists.

Of these, most of the dates are grown in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

“Up to 80% of all these illegally produced dates are exported worldwide,” says a report by that called for a boycott of Israeli dates.

According to the report, Israel is the third largest exporter of dates in the world, with exports worth USD 181 million in 2017.

On the other hand, thousands of Palestinian prisoners welcome Ramadan in Israeli prisons. They lost their families and loved ones.

Meanwhile the community and their loved ones are kept from these freedom fighters by the iron bars and prison walls of the occupation.

Millions more Palestinians who are welcoming Ramadan face the destruction of their homes, land confiscations, systematic racism and apartheid, deadly sieges, extrajudicial executions, military occupations, and settler occupation.

For more than 74 years, Palestinian refugees have been denied the right to return to their homes, lands and property by the Israeli occupation.