More than 25 years after its release, Final Fantasy 7 receives the highest honor

Game News More than 25 years after its release, Final Fantasy 7 receives the highest honor

Published on 01/31/2023 at 12:27

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On such a special day, the director of Final Fantasy VII and the publisher of this episode, Square Enix, have brought us together for an announcement that is as heartwarming as it is giving us a hell of a lot of old age. It’s been twenty-six years since we discovered Cloud Strife, his Buster Sword and the members of Avalanche near the first mako reactor. As a result, the date of FF7 had to be permanently engraved in stone: an honor that this legendary opus can now savor!


  • A consecration now certified for Final Fantasy VII
  • FF7 still hasn’t finished making us dream!

A consecration now certified for Final Fantasy VII

Today is a more than important day for Final Fantasy VII and, more generally, for the entire Final Fantasy license. Yes, this January 31st is a day of celebration: on this same date, in 1997, Cloud and his band took their first steps on PlayStation! For the occasion, Final Fantasy VII was entitled to a nice gift at the time of blowing out its twenty-sixth candle: now, in Japan, the date of January 31 will be particularly important in the eyes of fans of this episode since it has officially been recognized that it will be “Final Fantasy 7 Day”.

Moreover, this twenty-sixth anniversary, Final Fantasy VII did not pass it alone. There were of course some goodies invited to the event, but the most notable presence remains that of Yoshinori Kitasethe illustrious director of the game and the producer of the various projects around the remake. He notably posed with the certificate of recognition of this emblematic date for the licenseand also wanted to send a message to all the players who have supported Final Fantasy since this episode, and even before, while recalling how important this game has been in the careers of those who built it. .

FF7 still hasn’t finished making us dream!

After twenty-six years, Final Fantasy VII has therefore become even more part of video game legend.. Moreover, it has not yet finished writing its history within the video game industry since beyond the launch of its remake version on April 10, 2020, the future of this iconic game still remains to be seen. (rewrite. To this end, Square Enix has unveiled more than one project : the remaster of its prequel, Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII Reunionthe arrival next winter of the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remakesubtitle Rebirthwho will have the heavy task of continuing the ambitious rereading of this work, and finally Final Fantasy VII : Ever Crisis which consists of a free-to-play compilation of all the events related to the seventh installment.

Final Fantasy VII Remake et Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

More than 25 years after its release, Final Fantasy 7 receives the highest honor

Thus, the year 2023 and the beginnings of 2024 are as crucial as the year 1997 for the Final Fantasy license. Even though its popularity exploded with this seventh opus, it continues to open up to a wider audience. : on the one hand, by proposing rediscover the story of Cloud and his band from a new anglejust as new for fans of the first hour and coupled with the most exhilarating gameplay, and, on the other hand, by betting on a sixteenth installment that reshuffles the cards of the franchisein particular by moving towards a framework much more oriented heroic fantasy and towards a playability as nervous as a Devil May Cry. Between Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the debate is on!

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