More than 2,600,000 children and young people return to the classroom

More than 2,600,000 children and young people return to the classroom

They did not correspond to receive classes, but as yesterday the authorities formalized the beginning of the school year in the new campus Marieta de Veintimilla Marconi, José Zurita and Christian Pérez, of the seventh grade, went to that establishment located in the cooperative Las Marías, in Monte Sinai
And as a first approach with this new infrastructure, in one of the two computer labs that are there, Professor Carmen Castañeda brought together the two children and a score of their colleagues to make an essay on how they had spent their holidays .
In a text no more than ten lines, written in Word, José said he did not have much time to play, since in one subject he stayed for remedial examination, the penultimate instance to approve the year.
“That’s why now I have to study more so I do not have to stay (supplementary) in anything,” said the student while watching the monitor.
Christian narrated that he went to the beach with his family and that he also walked through the shopping center located in the area of ​​El Fortín.
The atmosphere in the computer lab was one of enthusiasm among the classmates who reunited after two months of vacation.
Before starting to write some greeted smiling and chatted for a moment, while the parents were located under the tents where the opening ceremony of the school year and the campus built by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Miduvi) a cost that is around $ 4,200,000.
The establishment whose typology is New Educational Unit, has 900 students in the morning and equal students in the evening. Your offer is from initial to eighth.
It is equipped with synthetic and cement courts, as well as Chemistry, Library and Language laboratories.
There they were appointed, among others, students of the Clara León de Posligua educational camp, whose prefabricated structure was dismantled yesterday by several workers.
“It is significant that this campus is located in Las Marías, on Mount Sinai, in Guayaquil, an enormous sector of much poverty and many unfulfilled promises over many years, but still keeps his hope alive,” said the minister of Education, Fander Falconí.
The official indicated that on the Coast, 2’663.091 students began classes. Of that figure, 31.60% corresponds to Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón). He also explained that the region has 9,318 educational units, of which 75% are public.
Falconí mentioned that this period of the Costa regime was designated as the year of respect and inclusion and that both values ​​will be promoted within the campuses.
She highlighted the incorporation of the new school control platform that will be available to teachers and reminded that since this year the use of the skirt for girls is optional.
In other fiscal educational establishments such as the Tránsito Amaguaña, in the Balerio Estacio cooperative, there was also emotionality among the first, second and third year high school students who returned to the classrooms yesterday, according to the schedule set.
And in private schools such as the Almirante Illingworth Naval Academy, teachers like Milton Orellana, took advantage of the first school day of the year to expose their students the methodology of work that will have the chair of Training and Labor Guidance, which he dictates. (I)
Schedule Back to school
Basic upper and middle Today, according to the schedule of the Ministry of Education, eighth, ninth and tenth grade students return to the classroom. Tomorrow will correspond to the fifth, sixth and seventh grade students.
Basic elementary On Thursday, second, third and fourth year students will enter classes. On Friday the high school.
List and uniforms The Ministry of Education reminded the parents of the particular and fiscomisional establishments that the cost of the list of school supplies, uniforms and other educational materials can not exceed, in any case, the value of the unified basic salary; that is, $ 386. (I)
No conditioning The education authorities reiterated that no parent is obliged to comply with requirements such as certificates not to owe in other schools, so that their children can receive tuition. It is also not the obligation of the representatives to pay beyond the ten months of classes. (I)
Insurance is not mandatory The educational centers, both private and fiscomisionales, can not demand from the representatives the payment of medical insurance in case of accidents inside the institution. Parents can report the news at the district headquarters to which the campus belongs. (I)
Optional use of the skirt The Minister of Education, Fander Falconi, said yesterday that from this school period the use of the skirt in girls will not be mandatory, but optional for security and comfort.
This measure will also be applied in the next period of the Sierra regime. (I)

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