More than 500 square meters of Bucaramanga will be intervened with graffiti art

Within the framework of the 400 years of Bucaramanga, the Instutober Corporation, a Graphic Art collective that has a human team that has created a methodology based on social inclusion and education to transform socially through art, present the Urban Art Festival “Paint La Bonita” 400 years, a proposal that integrates different cultural disciplines promoting art, tourism, and the transformation of the cultural, material and immaterial heritage of the Santander capital, while facilitating integration and social vindication through artistic processes .

The Pinta La Bonita Festival that will be held on October 28, 29 and 30, will intervene more than 500 square meters from Cll 45 with Cra 9 to Cll 34 with Cra 9 Bucaramanga Center, more than 10 facades of different properties will be intervened and recovered, this space will promote art, tourism, and the transformation of the material and immaterial cultural heritage of the capital of Santander, for a week Bucaramanga will receive 50 artists (5 international, 15 national and 30 local) who will dress of urban art the streets where artists, community and the academy interact, enjoy and participate.

The event is organized by the Instutober Corporation, which points out that it has been working and creating spaces of inclusion for the different communities and especially those that are often excluded from art, through graphic art workshops that manage to generate a visual and Internal course of great value for the person who observes it and takes the course, leaving a memory inside, transforming a fundamental part of the human being and of his life.

Within the framework of the Pinta La Bonita Festival there is a national call for artists, where you can count on food, lodging, as well as snacks and all the necessary materials for the execution of the work to be carried out, the festival will take place on the 28th, October 29 and 30, with which it seeks to support new artists, as well as generate transformation of public spaces. If you are interested, fill out the form.

The flea market, is a fair for entrepreneurs in the graphic sector, it will be the closing event of the Pinta La Bonita Festival on October 30, it will take place from 9 am to 9 pm, where we will have the participation of various enterprises around the urban art, space for workshops given to the attendees and we end with musical artistic interventions.