More than a drama! A man who has been married for 16 years, recently learned that his three children were not real children. and found his wife reacting painfully

Anyone would be shocked! For the story of Mr Chen, a 45-year-old man from Changrao, Jiangxi Province, who decided to file for divorce from his wife. After meeting his unfaithful wife and learning the fact that the three daughters he had been raising in good faith were other people’s children. until becoming a hot topic in the online world

“I’ve been married for 16 years, no one is my child.” Mr. Chen said that throughout the period of marriage with Ms. Yu, Mr. Chen was rarely at home. due to having to work abroad to support the family But he would regularly make phone calls and video calls to Ms. Yu.

But lately his wife started acting strange. She said that she wanted to work outside the home. which no matter what Mr. Chen prohibited Mrs. Yu insisted on leaving to work for Zhong. Including not accepting phone calls often

One day, Mr. Chen decided to check the location of his wife’s cell phone. which found that Mrs. Yu was at a hotel So Mr. Chen went to the hotel and waited all night in front of the hotel until morning to find that his wife had fled with another man.

since then Their relationship began to go downhill, many suspicions inspired Mr Chen to decide to DNA test his youngest daughter. The result was heartbreaking. When the third child is not his child but with love for children Including the sake of a long-standing relationship with Ms. Yu Mr. Chen then forgave him and hoped that his wife would repent. But where did Mrs. Yu escape again? and also threatened that “In a little while, I will bring the children. Run away from home”

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This event made Mr. Chen furious. He decides to take his two daughters for a DNA test and is met with shocking truth. When the children finally who called him father for many decades. No one had any of his flesh and blood.

Later, Mr. Chen hoped to clear up with Mrs. Yu. But after his wife learns that he secretly took a DNA test. was furious with reprimands and lost contact No matter how much Mr. Chen tried to find Mrs. Yu, he couldn’t find it. therefore had to turn to the media instead which shortly after the media release His wife responded.

“I don’t think I’m unfaithful. Is the blood relationship really important?…” Mr Chen’s wife told reporters. from the phone interview He also criticized Mr Chen’s decision to file for divorce. “Since he doesn’t think children are children, I now hope that children It won’t be his son either… sympathize with me. Imagine that the kids had been calling him ‘Dad’ for over ten years and suddenly he came to this. How is this different from a beast?”

After such news was published. Netizens criticized Ms Yu’s behavior. with comments For example, “How sad will your husband be! Is Mrs. Yu mentally ill?” “Mr Chen can receive compensation from filing a lawsuit in court. But how can he heal his own broken heart?”

In addition, the lawyer also commented on the case. “A husband can file for divorce from his wife if the wife’s behavior It seriously affected their relationship.” lawyer surname Zhou The law firm Beijing Zhongchi told the Jiangxi radio and television station. and added that “When Mr. Chen applied for divorce Not only will the law encourage Ms. Yu to pay for the expenses. that Mr. Chen paid for his three children, but Mr. Chen was still able to claim the gift. for the psychological effects that can occur as well.”

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The divorce proceedings between Chen and Ms Yu are pending.

ที่มา : Man in China seeks divorce from wife of 16 years after paternity tests reveal 3 daughters he raised are not his children (SCMP)
A man who has been married for 16 years finds out that none of his 3 daughters are his own. Wife: Does blood relationship matter? (SOHU)
After 16 years of marriage, he found that his 3 children were not his biological man.