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More than a guilty pleasure

Not so many Basque musicians of pop and rock would have dared to confess the influence of the Spanish melodic-light song of the seventies. Times have changed and, beyond the native framework, now Raphael acts in Sonorama and Sidonie and Love Of Lesbian interpret Perales and Ivan Ferreiro Julio Iglesias But here, more than a guilty pleasure, the thing continues to surprise somewhat. Hence, the already veteran cycle Izar & Star, in which local musicians play their favorite artists and styles, consider "unusual" and "unprecedented" a collective concert like the one that tomorrow hosts Arriaga Theater (7.30 pm of 8, € 50 to € 25) a sort of postmodern gala in which Basque pop groups and artists will take their classics from Mocedades, Julio Iglesias, Nino Bravo, Camilo Sesto, or Raphael.

The participants in the gala will be the Getxo band McEnroe, assimilating their taciturn pop to Julio Iglesias from the 70s and 80s; the singer of the recently dissolved Frank, Sara Comerón, doing the same with Nino Bravo accompanied by a new quartet formed for the occasion and the Bilbao alliance of exiles in Madrid formed by the singer La Bien Querida (Ana Fernández-Villaverde) and the group noise and post punk caustic Ornament and Crime vindicating the Mocedades of «Take me or leave me», »Secretary», «Love of Man», «The Seller», «They called him Crazy» or «The Lovers».

In the vein of melodic crooners of the suburbs will act Francis Díez, singer and promoter of the historical Doctor Deseo that will take to his land a secret selection of love songs with nothing to do with each other and, supplying the sick leave of Donostiarra Rafa Berrio (who was going to vindicate the ill-starred singer Cecilia) the last one to join the revisionist appointment was the musician, poet and novelist based in Bilbao Javier Corcobado (Frankfurt, 1963) who will recreate sick love songs from his repertoire as «Friend» by Roberto Carlos. "She forgot me" (Leonardo Favio)) "Gethsemane" of Camilo Sesto de Jesucrito Superstar and "I am loving you so much" of Raphael linked to Manuel Alejandro.

The protagonists of the tributary gala, who separately had already shown their "light" desires, confess their weakness for a genre that awakens so many passions as frights and for some interpreters linked to their sentimental memory "The light song that they call me I have always liked , there are horrible things like in any genre, but there are brutal songs and sinister authors and authors that have influenced us a lot. Take them to our land is a very attractive idea, "says Ricardo Lezón" I do not consider it a genre because I do not catalog music. The artists that are going to be honored have, like all forgettable songs and unforgettable good songs that I love and that, in some cases, have transcended many decades ", third Corcobado.

"It is true that the excessively ñoño or orchestrated moves away much me empalaga and bored. But now that we've worked hard on some of the songs José Luis Armenteros wrote for Nino Bravo, we've been blown away by the quality, subtlety and sensitivity of the arrangements, the amount of British and American pop influences they had … it's been a great discovery, go beyond the well-known chorus and see what's going on inside the song, "says Donostiarra Sara Comerón from San Sebastian.

"If you expose your singers very often you can catch a careless slump with so much caramel arrangement and so sharp voices. Then the romanticism of the lyrics is tremendous, a whole school of machismo. However, if you scratch a little below the generality, there are not only exceptions but things that may even represent the opposite. Cecilia is a very clear example with her "Love of midnight", whose original letter (the great Juan Carlos Calderón) made the complete return or "One million dreams" (of "dead" before the censorship forced him to change it ). Mocedades, although they give a little bit of lime and another of sand, they also have another reading », explains the singer and teacher from Portugal Gari Gamarra justifying his admiration for the Bilbao vocal group that is part of« the soundtrack of my childhood », says La Good dear

«Juan Carlos Calderón did not write songs, but monuments. "Secretary" or "Take me or leave me" became in their moment true shelters for women at a time when they were very isolated in roles of total submission. Mocedades are our childhood, authentic living myths of music in the Greater Bilbao, when we were children all the adults proudly said that they knew them personally and all the choral groups tried to modernize and jump into pop, as they did … Actually they were a revolution. Amaya Uranga is a goddess … Our devotion to Mocedades is one of those obvious things that move you, impossible to explain and say what others say », says Gamarra

Most of the participants will approach the versions to their interpretative style but respecting its essence. «Julio Iglesias is a singer with a very strong personality and a very complicated tone so we had to look at which ones could be adapted and with which you could fall. In any case, when I sing them and my musical group touches them, we make them our own »says Ricardo Lezón himself" Let no one expect a faithful interpretation, "warns the leader of Ornament and Crime." Even if we are not Mocedades or La Bien Querida Amaya, we want to show that the songs stand on their own, interpreted under other aesthetic parameters, under more forceful and less elaborated sounds. We are more lovers of sonic chaos and less of the rococo flourish, but the songs are still there, played with feeling that in the end is what is transmitted if the public is able to fit the translation into our musical dialect ». «Respecting the structure and the way of singing, the mixture of noise rock and pop applied to Mocedades is very cool. As I like Julio Iglesias, I am very intrigued to see what Ricardo has prepared with McEnroe ", says La Bien Querida

The concert

Arriaga Theater

7.00 pm, tickets from 8.50 to 25 euros

McEnroe vs Julio Iglesias

Javier Corcobado vs Songs Sick of Love

Sara Comerón Band vs Nino Bravo

The Well-Beloved and Ornament and Crime vs. Mocedades

Francis Díez (Dr. Deseo) vs. Surprise Songs

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