More than half of Kojima Productions employees worked at Konami on Metal Gear Solid V – Gambling


Before release Death stranding just hours remain, in the domestic PS Store the game will be released at midnight, and journalists are starting to publish more and more materials – apparently, the next embargo has ended.

Along with this, the authors of the publication Video Games Chronicle studied the titles of the novelty, learning some interesting details about the team Kojima productions and Death Stranding itself.
  • 67 of 120 Kojima studio employees worked at Konami
  • 62 of 120 employees worked on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • almost all Kojima Productions designers and artists came from Konami, while most of the newcomers are programmers
  • in development besides Guerrilla games (Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn), participated Insomniac (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank) and Sony bend (Syphon Filter, Days Gone).

By the way, Jeff Keely launched a broadcast called "Countdown to the release of Death Stranding", where Hideo Kojima and other developers talk about the production of the project. During the broadcast, actors will also appear in the frame, including Norman Reedus (Sam) and Tommy Earl Jenkins (Dayhartman).

More journalists Gamespot compared the trailers and cutscenes of Death Stranding.

The trailer from E3 2016 is noticeably different from the final version of the game, but it is understandable: then the game existed only in Kojima’s head, and the video was created on a different engine РSPACKLE from Sucker Punch, authors of inFamous, Sly Cooper and the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima /


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