Morena deputy denies asking to ban Airbnb

Despite the fact that in article 17 of his initiative for a new condominium law in the capital, he clearly establishes that the inhabitants will not be able to use their property, “for temporary accommodation, such as what the Airbnb platform and other modalities ”, now the author of said proposal, Leticia Estrada Hernández, local deputy of Brunette, denies that proposal.

“I never proposed to affect that platform, because even I use it when I go on vacation. On the contrary, I ask that it be regulated for better coexistence between the residents of the capital’s condominiums, ”she said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

He recognized that his initiative is in the possibility of being corrected, since it was barely transferred to the Commission for Development and Urban Infrastructure and Housing, where the 17 members will be able to contribute their opinion to the 80 articles that make up this new Property Condominium Property Law for Mexico City.

Said article 17, establishes: “The condominium owners may not use it in contravention of their destiny and authorized land use, nor make it serve other objects than those expressly contained in the Constitutional Deed.”

In addition, it asks to add to the same article: “In properties subject to condominium regime, it is prohibited to carry out activities of an industrial, commercial or service type, and for no reason may they be intended for temporary accommodation, as offered by the Airbnb platform and other similar modalities… ”.

Although now the Morena legislator denies its content, “because even I use Airbnb when I go on vacation. On the contrary, I ask that it be regulated for better coexistence among the residents of the capital’s condominiums, ”she affirmed.

However, these hosting platforms paid 3% Tax for the Provision of Lodging Services, for which the capital government collected around 4 million 340 thousand pesos per year, but as of this year this percentage was increased to 5% “For what, obviously, they expected higher collection, but due to the contingency it will be less than last year,” said local PAN deputy, Patricia Báez Guerrero.

Hence, the president of said Commission, Fernando Aboitiz Saro, considers that the issue of platforms should be seen in a broader way, it is not simply to prohibit or not, it is regular and, for that, it should not only be seen as a topic. regime in condominium, but in tourism, civil protection, economic development, citizen security and mobility.

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