Moreno announces the start of works on Line 3 of the Seville Metro on February 20

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Morenohas announced that Work will begin on Line 3 of the Seville Metro on February 20, fourteen years after the inauguration of the first Line. “Finally, the Northern Section of Line 3 will be undertaken, between Pino Montano and the Prado de San Sebastián, a project that amounts to 1,366 million euros.”

In addition, it has advanced that throughout this year the updating and expansion of the project of the South Section of Line 3 (El Prado-Bellavista) is expected to be completed and that the updating of the Line 2 project between Seville East and the Charterhouse.

Moreno, who has intervened in the Forum organized by ABC of Seville under the title ‘Andalusia, from stability to leadership’has also referred to the Alcalá de Guadaíra Tram that was abandoned and that this Government has rescued.

In this regard, he pointed out that the damage is being repaired and that, soon, the purchase of six trains will be awarded, with a budget of more than 30 million euros.

He has also alluded to the City of Justice of Seville and has specified that the tender has already been issued to adapt one of the buildings of the Palmas Altas complex with an investment of almost 600,000 euros and that this year the Litigation and Commercial jurisdiction will be transferred. “Next Friday there will be a meeting with the judicial authorities to coordinate the transfer and start-up of the City of Justice.”

The Andalusian president has influenced the strong commitment that the Andalusian Government is making for Seville and that is demonstrated when rescuing other projects that are equally key, such as the Estadio de la Cartuja, Las Atarazanas or the General Archive of Andalusia and that are necessary to promote the city, but that had been abandoned because they did not believe in the enormous possibilities of the capital of Andalusia. “Never since Expo 92 has the Andalusian government invested so much in Seville. More has never been done in less time.”

In this sense, it has asserted that Seville needs and deserves the drive, commitment and joint work of all administrationsfor which reason he has indicated that dialogue and cooperation must be permanent as has been promoted with the Institutional Table of Seville and that cities such as Madrid and Barcelona already have.

“This city is one of the great Spanish capitals and should be treated as such in terms of projects and infrastructures. Seville deserves respect and clear answers to issues that have been vague and disappointing for too long, such as the connection between Santa Justa and the airport, expansion and improvement of the commuter network or the SE-40”.

In addition, he pointed out that this city is also a first-rate technological center and made reference to the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, which has 556 companies and a record turnover of 3,500 million euros.

Added to this is his leadership in sectors of the future such as aerospace or renewable energy and it is that this city has an installed renewable electrical power of more than 2,200 MW, almost a quarter of the total of the autonomous community, and projects are in process to install 3,700 MW more in the province, 31% of the 12,000 MW which is expected to increase in this legislature throughout Andalusia.

Moreno explained that the project accelerator unit is speeding up the initiative of the company Solaner Dos in the Port of Seville to build a green hydrogen plant with a 100% renewable electricity supply.

Likewise, it has highlighted the potential of the aerospace industry of this city and its innovation ecosystem, since it concentrates 72% of the companies, 26% of the research groups and 42% of the associated public organizations in the Andalusian community. .

At this point, you have reported that next Friday BAE System will sign its adhesion to Andalucía Aerospace, at the same time that he has pointed out that the location of the Aerospace Agency comes to consolidate the great work of this sector for years. “Andalusia cannot be looking at its navel. We must be constantly present where investments are made and where there is competition to attract companies to our land.”

In relation to this matter, he has listed some examples of the Andalusian Government’s commitment, such as the Andalusian Aerospace Strategy 2021-2027, which foresees an investment of 572 million in collaboration with the sector itself or spending on R&D, which exceeded the 1,700 million in 2021, which means 1% of GDP and 15% more than when we came to government.

Talking about employment is talking about the future

Regarding employment, he has assured that it is the great challenge of Andalusia because talking about employment is talking about the future. Thus, he has emphasized that aid management is being improved and automated with reforms such as the automation of administrative processess, which has allowed solving in thirty days what used to take up to ten months.

The Chairman of the Board has stated that things are changing despite the difficulties and an adverse economic environment and has pointed out that the Andalusian community led the drop in unemployment in absolute terms last year and that the rate of reduction in unemployment almost tripled that of Spain.

In addition, he has made reference to training and has detailed that in four years the dropout rate in Andalusia has been reduced by seven points, surpassing Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia and placing us closer to the Spanish and European average. “We have set ourselves the goal of turning Vocational Training around. Not only with more places, but above all with a more attractive and useful offer for the productive fabric. 60% of the new offer is linked to emerging employment sectors “.

In this way, he has insisted on the great commitment to Dual Vocational Training to get closer to European countries where it has been shown to be a successful model. For this reason, he has argued that in Andalusia almost 8,500 companies and 14,300 students already participate in Dual Training, more than double the number in 2018, and he has reported that the works of the Integrated Center for Vocational Training of the aerospace sector of La Rinconada, which has meant the largest investment in educational infrastructure with 10.5 million just in construction.

Added to all this is the creation of Andalusian Tables for the Dual FPin coordination with the CEA, whose objective is to know the needs and demands of the productive fabric to take it into account when designing the offer.

Moreno has insisted that we must meet the needs of all Sevillians, with a specific boost to the poorest neighborhoodsfor which an intervention is necessary from the City Council to lead the involvement of all administrations, given what has shown the absolute willingness of the Board to join efforts.

He has also emphasized a problem that affects citizens such as the difficulty of access to housing, with Seville being one of the cities that has benefited most from the Affordable Rental Housing Program.

The Andalusian president has asserted that land that is the heritage of the Junta and that was abandoned or in ruins is being put up for auction to make it available to the people of Seville and revitalize the city, as is the case with the Santa Barbara military ships. “Tomorrow its sale is signed for more than 27 million. What used to be underutilized plots, which generated expenses, will now be new urban spaces that generate economic activity and employment.”

In conclusion, he reiterated that the Andalusian Government works to make the transformation and leadership of Andalusia a realityat the same time that he has said that this community is called to be a leader because it can be if we all push the same illusion, passion and ambition for our present and future.

“We want to have the support of society, of companies and professionals, of workers, of the university, of social organizations… in short, of everyone. We are determined to continue betting strongly on the capital of Andalusia and to add efforts, investment and commitment in a city project that generates growth, employment and well-being for the people of Seville”, he concluded.