Morocco / Culture: nearly 33.9 MDH released in support of 459 artistic projects

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports unveiled on Monday the results of the exceptional support program, intended for the artistic field for the year 2020.

This program, set up by the ministry, aims to promote cultural and artistic projects and support the various actors in the fields of theater, music, song, performing art, choreography. and plastic and visual arts.

In application of the organic texts governing and determining the modalities of support in the aforementioned sectors and taking into account the specifications framing the support for the year 2020, the commissions responsible for studying the support request files have met. and examined 1,096 projects, of which 459 were selected, says the ministry.

These projects concern 173 theatrical tours (19,630,000 DH), 140 projects for the acquisition of works of plastic and visual arts and the support of plastic and visual arts exhibitions organized by specialized art galleries (3,148. 500 DH), 146 projects of music, songs, performing arts and choreography (14 MDH), continues the same source, noting that the list of candidates who benefited from this support was published on the electronic site of the ministry .

Candidates must send “the complete paper version of the application file exclusively by post, immediately after receipt of the contracts, in accordance with the provisions of the specifications, in order to avoid any complications during the payment operation. , and this, in accordance with preventive measures against COVID-19, the same source indicates.


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