Morocco is preparing for cohabitation with Covid-19 | Conso news

For some time now, Morocco has been preparing for a return to normal life, within the framework of cohabitation with the virus. Thus, the public authorities are determined to follow to the letter, and in the strictest possible way, the stages of the plan that they are putting in place in this perspective, reports the daily. Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its edition of Thursday, February 10.

In this new plan, the authorities assume that Covid-19, with its possible variants, will now be considered an endemic disease, a kind of “seasonal flu” in short. And to act accordingly, it was decided to go as far as possible in terms of herd immunity. The head of government also continues meetings with various political, social and economic actors. The object is obviously to encourage citizens to complete the national vaccination protocol.

At the same time, an inter-ministerial commission formed by the Ministers of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, Transport, Health and Social Protection is working, in coordination with the Scientific and Technical Committee, on a roadmap which will allow in Morocco to live with the virus. Quoting a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee, the daily emphasizes that if the proactive action followed by Morocco from the beginning has borne fruit, there is no question today of jeopardizing all that has been achieved during the last two years.

In short, the daily underlines, the roadmap in preparation provides, in fine, for the return, gradually, to normal life. This will be done over several months, starting next March, specifies the daily. Specifically, continue Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, this strategy has several points. The first consists of the definitive lifting of the state of health emergency. Then comes the authorization of travel, subject to presentation of a valid vaccination pass. The third step will be the authorization of large gatherings. The next step will be to stop broadcasting the daily epidemiological bulletin with the number of deaths and infected cases, admissions to intensive care units and other such statistics.

The last point of this roadmap is, in the long term, to cohabit with the virus. To do this, the public authorities will further encourage citizens to participate in the national vaccination campaign. To this end, notes the daily, they intend to be firm. This implies more severe penalties. We must ensure that all categories of citizens complete the vaccination protocol, starting with vulnerable people, then active people and, thirdly, the rest of the population.

Source: The 360