Morocco, the first country of intervention of the French Development Agency in f

The first country in which the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Group operates is Morocco, with outstandings of 3.7 billion euros at the end of 2021, including outstanding loans of 2.1 billion euros, balances to be paid under loan agreements signed in the amount of 1.2 billion euros and loans granted not yet signed in the amount of 0.4 billion euros

In its report on its 2022-2026 strategy in Morocco, published recently, the Agency stresses that political continuity in Morocco has made it possible to capitalize on the development opportunities presented by the kingdom. The strategic dialogue with the Moroccan Ministry of Finance on public policies has facilitated decision-making related to the evolution of the country’s development model.

For four years, AFD has been promoting the conduct of inclusive development policies. The institution wants to support the transition to a new development model over the period 2022-2026 by participating in improving the kingdom’s adaptation to climate change and reducing inequalities. Morocco’s capacity for resilience represents a valuable lever on which AFD can rely in the context of development actions.

AFD stresses that ” the dynamism of Moroccan public and private actors, their openness to the world and their projection on the Mediterranean area, like the African continent, make it possible to launch innovative solutions, in Morocco or at the regional level “.

The strategic objectives of the financial institution are the revival of private investment and entrepreneurial initiative, the socio-economic inclusion of young people and women through human development, the decarbonization of the economy but also ecological and social resilience. territories.

Mariem Ben Yahia

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Posted on 09/20/22 11:59